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    Best yielding OGR strain?

    thanks GM, good luck on your choice. "you cant go wrong"
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    Best yielding OGR strain?

    hello GM, the white x bubblegum OGRASKAL.......... 5/6 ounce for four feet and in soil. hope this helps
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    the Motarebel way.........

    RESPECT MOTA!. A MAN got a do!, what a MAN got a DO!.
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    HELP me name that Strain..........

    My contribution. 1 heavens gate 2 Jatropha 3 fallen angel 4 equilibrium
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    Anyone Heard from JoeSchmoe?

    great news indeed!. welcome home Joe, enjoy your renewed freedom sir!.:party0042: s4m
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    Raskal's White x Bubblegum 97

    hello JK, i have enjoyed them. s4m
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    ssh compared to todays top strains hope this helps!. s4m
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    White widow breeders ?

    There is only 1, Mr Nice / Shanti Black Widow aka Original White Widow!.:anim_09: s4m
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    Organic pk help needed

    hello devious d, try here!.'Fox%20Farm' they are a bit pricey. s4m
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    Where can I find this type of european plug in timer from within the UK?

    hello forknowledge, just buy a set of travel plug adapters?. I will try a find a example. s4m
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    Estimate electricity cost for UK growers

    hello forknowledge and folks!. Logic please delete link if not allowed?. I dont like the site!. But it is a handy grow room tool. Input details and calculate, it looks as if it has not calculated but its just faint text!. hope this...
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    Who has the best super silver haze?

    growhermiseeds are not fit to wipe Shanti's BOOTS! BOBBLEHeAD MAN AND FRANKY THE WATERBOY they are NOT breeders just theifs and are now poluting landraces by giveing natives fem seeds?. WTF!. Shanti basically kickstarted the sceen in spain, and then they hacked every strain with "NO...
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    how much PER KWT?.

    hello folk's, just wondering what everyone else is paying?. mine works out at $0.26c = £0.16p PER KWT. #
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    Lumatek high par lamp

    hello folks, as some of you know my lumatek's went tits up!. I have been talking with lumatek directly and I am glad to say there customer service is fantastic.:anim_19: Anyhow I will ask about this product tomorrow and post my findings. As I still have to contact them at there request...
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    could be wrong soz!, i might have been thinking about this post of Shanti's?. Hi All I believe Jesse found a direct quote from me explaining this. So it should be clear from that. Since half way through last year I have found several Afghan and Skunk new plants from pure seed of...
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    hello all, I beleive the Shit has been reblended as in new parents where chosen from original seed.:anim_19: And have been worked on for this latest release. I will try and find the post on MNS. s4m
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    Lumatek Dimmable Ballast !!! any good??

    hello folks, i use lumatec and haveing probs at the mo?. my advice is buy local for simple replacement, sitting here with 2 f#ck'd four weeks and still no news when to post/send them back. shop is closed due to weather ARRRRRHHHHHH!.:sick0018: Also I beleive that it is a BOOST button...
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    Any MNS forum members?

    hello jobo, admini has sorted just got PM from him.:fixed: s4m
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    Any MNS forum members?

    hello jobo, i will pm admini for you. s4m
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