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    RIP Lonestar

    It's is with immense sadness and regret that I have this news to tell. Lonestar of Texas Resin Company, ( TRC ), old internet friend and all round amazing guy. A true one in a million, passed peacefully in his sleep. You will be sorely missed. I'll be wearing all my TRC gear this week in...
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    URGENT HELP REQUIRED - if your a dog / animal lover

    Hi folks, fellow pet lovers. If you remember a year ago I mentioned that a friends of mines pack of dogs were poisened by Kevin who owns Right Puppy Kennels in USA, North Carolina I believe. Anyway, he did this because one of his dogs was being used a a mascot for a university. We had to...
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    Gavita pro 600 / LEP 300 PLASMA test

    Hi folks I have decided its time for me to run a new test. So, this thread is a full test of 2 x 600 PRO EL 400V lamps and 1 x Pro LEP 300. I will of course run a full journal for this. Incase anyone is unsure of these the 600 pro uses a 600w 400v el lamp. Higher par / photon output...
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    My Heri Selection harvest shots

    Ok, so thru time I have played around with Mota heri to be blessed with one absolutly stella female. Such a heavy smoke. Mota kindly sent me another pack of heri, along with others (which will get their own threads soon). These got germed back in August last year but due to missing flowering...
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    URGENT APPEAL for all dog lovers in the NORTH Carolina region

    As some of you may be aware, I am involved in the breeding of certain dogs.... Now there is a Puppy mill or Farm in the states who unfortunately got a hold of a couple of our pups and has been using them ever since there first season and every season since to breed from. This culminated in...
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    Check out the Auto tuned Singing Husky.

    This clip is brilliant.. Makes me want an Ipad.
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    theherbalizor's Penetrator 345w Test

    Well folks, I finally went and did it.... Broke from my Jewish traditions and splashed out. I spent some money, mullah, wonga - some dosh. And got me a Hydro-Grow Penetrator 345w LED unit. After seeing some very impressive pics posted by LEDgirl and some very promising starts to some...
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    Med1,BlueCheese,Rez Chem 4 x Chem D and SSSDH ojd cut

    Well folks, It has been a while and I know I have a lot to update in my sativa thread..... but I find my self with 10 mins so figured I would throw up a thread of what I have cooking in my dr150. Now rocking 2 x 600w digi lumis with Blockbuster 6inch. Extracted by 8 inch accoustic fan and...
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    Sunlight Systems UK supplies - FDP Wholesale (Warning)

    Hey folks, Well after all the talk about Sunlight Supplies gear I decided to get myself 2 blockbuster shades. Well I got one last week and installed it. Came with some strange plug adaptor (which is fine) and is, as advertised, 100% sealed. Wohoo. My first actual properly sealed hood that...
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    REZ Chem 4 x Chem D / REZ DJS Blueberry x Chem D

    So I figured I would take advantage of the last full moon (and my last 6 jiffy pellets) and popped 5 x Chem 4 x Chem D and 1 x Blueberry ChemD with 100% success rate. So I suppose all are around 20 days old, at 8th node and have been pinched. All in 1 lt coco / perlite fed House and Garden...
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    105 Mixed Sativas inc. SSH, Afghan Haze, ASH, Pursangs, Oriental Express, Sonic Boom

    So as its the start of a new decade I decided to go a little mad a pop some old packs of seeds. 11 packs, 105 seeds to be precise. MNS Afghan Haze MNS SSH REZ Alpha Diesel Sonic Sonic Boom Sonic Pursang 9 x Pursang 6 Sonic Pursang 4 x Pursang 6 Seedism Nevilberry Rez SSH x Chemdog D...
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    My 1984 love affair for nuclear trains..... Qrazy Train and Chernobyl

    Howdy folks, Well if you read my threads on Chernobyl - TGA Black TW x JTR you would know that this is my new found favorite plant. Period - and I have ALOT to choose from. So on that I thought I would see if sub could do me a very special price for 20 more of these seeds so I can look for...
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    E.ON and their complete illogic!

    Ok, bit of a rant but i am looking for some help in understanding my recent and final bill from my energy supplier. I decided to change supplier and transferred over on the 19th oct. On the 20th I phoned through my readings to the new and old supplier. I will only use Gas as an...
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    Humbolt PurpleMaxx/ SnowStorm Ultra UK?

    Howdy farmers. So, does anyone know if one can obtain Humbolts Purple maxx or Snow Storm Ultra in the UK. My bro in the 808 will send me some but I want to try and get some here for myself.
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    Nothing to do with Weed - Shocking story. What is the world coming to?

    These days not much shocks or surprises me, but this story made me break down in anger and sadness. Essentially a couple of kids (10 and 7) held down a 5 year old girl, suffering from cancer, sprayed her...
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    Anti mite products - UK - THAT WORK

    Hey guys, Well I just went to look at my Chem D cut which I have in quarantine and found it to be crawling with mites. LOVELY. Probably cali supermite as well being as that is where it came from. So, anyone know where I can RELIABLY get hold of Floramite, Avid and or End All II in the UK...
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    Save bruce - n.o.w!!!!!!!

    Please check this Youtube video and act upon. We may just save a life. Thank you!
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    Michael Jackson Dead - Unconfirmed!

    Micheal Jackson rushed to hospital after suffering cardiac arrest at LA home Michael Jackson has been taken to hospital after apparently suffering a cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home. By Paul Thompson Published: 11:07PM BST 25 Jun 2009 Micheal Jackson rushed to hospital after...
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    Bcuzz Stims

    Hey farmers. I am shortly makin a switch to BCuzz Coco Bloom Stim and Coco booster ( ID & SA). Does any one use them? At what percentage sativa hybrid would one start using the Coco Booster (sativa)? What are the differeneces between the 2 products? Any tips? Cheers guys
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    Aphrodisiac The Sexual Secret of Marijuana

    Aphrodisiac.The.Sexual.Secret.Of.Marijuana.1971.DVDRip.XviD-FiCO A documentary (with some hardcore porno inserts added) examining the use of marijuana by young people in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Included are interviews with people who regularly use marijuana and testify to its...
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