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  1. quirk

    Does sedative also mean psychedelic?

    Tincture of Indica is my go to for sedative and psychoactive.
  2. quirk

    Jiffy pellet seedling roots growing out. Transplant ASAP?

    I remove netting top and bottom after hydrating, then transfer to pre-moistened final pot day after sprout with zero defects. It's all grower preference and finding your "sweet spot."
  3. quirk

    MTC or Alcohol tinticure for gummies?

    Google "Another tincture thread". I'm pretty sure there is a low proof etoh section. I use Everclear and reduce and reclaim with the Source Turbo and mix 2ml tinc w/yogurt and and a little decarbed bud every night.
  4. quirk


    You did well. Equal and opposite. Day 18. Organic soil auto grower.
  5. quirk

    How can I tell if the seeds I have are good seeds?

    If I can't help a grower, I will not hinder them.
  6. quirk

    Spider mites in the flowering room

    Natural Guard Spinosad Soap
  7. quirk

    Newbie question: Humidity dome yes or no?

    It certainly can be done. I've seen many growers on these forums get there grows off to a slow start or no start by using domes. Damping off, mold and fungus are fairly common with this seed starting method. Good luck.
  8. quirk

    Trouble with topping. And everything else

    Looks good to me. Did I do it right?
  9. quirk

    Welcome to Sequoyah Cannabis Co! Follow our journey!

    Much better pics. Thanks. Good looking grow.
  10. quirk

    Anyone use milk in thier grows?

    If I cannot help a grower, I will not hinder him.
  11. quirk


    I took a look at a couple of my young plants the same age - 7day and 12 day old and they look similar. I think you're fine. Organic soil auto grower.
  12. quirk

    Pole barn/greenhouse

    I had no idea there were Home Depot stores in Argentina and Chile.
  13. quirk

    Tangerine Dream “Just Bent Her Over” Last Night

    Not bad. I added grommets to my fabric pots for training purposes and bend and tuck fans to expose bud sites, removing as last resort. How come your medium level is so low? Organic soil auto grower.
  14. quirk

    First grow first post on here

    Never seen better.
  15. quirk

    Only three blades after four weeks

    I'm going with genetic defect. Report and query your seed bank.
  16. quirk

    Airpots, really like em. Seem to build excellent roots.

    Same strain. same age. With the fabric I had to add training grommets and they're a pain to clean. I find the air pots more versatile as I can overlap and make a 3gal out of a 5 or combine and make larger, plus they come with training holes and I get superior root development. Grower preference...
  17. quirk

    Airpots, really like em. Seem to build excellent roots.

    I utilize air pots for their superior aeration and root development. I often remove during flower to better understand plant/soil water use. I've never seen gnats though. Organic soil auto grower.
  18. quirk

    So over FF and the bugs!!!!!

    I prefer FF soils in my mix and as a preventative to soil borne pests, pre-moisten with an organic (d-limonene) cold pressed orange oil drench and let acclimate in grow room before placing newly sprouted seedlings. Then to toughen leaf growth and increase brix, regularly foliar spray with Liquid...
  19. quirk

    How long to go from seed to 8" of growth?

    1/2 inch a day until first sign of flower, according to what I just made up, which holds true on my auto grows.
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