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  1. Deke

    Reset And Restart Living Soil Grow

    Looking good!
  2. Deke

    Plants look good but are my lower leaves dying? WHEN SHOULD I TRANSPLANT???

    Just a thought. Let your medium dry out and make sure there is plenty of drainage. Second, how is the temp on the plant itself? Possible heat stress. Too close to the lights at that age. I keep mine at 30+ inches at that age. At 2 weeks I drop to mid 20's.
  3. Deke

    Tall fabric pots vs regular fabric pots

    Found some 3 gal that are tall. I'm using them in this new grow. Seeds were planted yesterday. So we will see. Using the 3gal will help put more under the lights for me.
  4. Deke

    Raising/lowering soil ph?

    You're in soil, that shouldn't be an issue unless your water is just garbage.
  5. Deke

    S.O.S for my Cannabis

    first pleas take pics with lights off we can't see what's really happening. I'm with wizard. Soil has nothing to do with that. I just went through a huge calcium lockout in soil. I'm using Mega Crop and pushed it, lockout big time. In soil. I flushed and dropped back on the nutes and it...
  6. Deke

    Ace Auto Zamal, DP Auto Mazar, and some Mepisto Crosses!

    Here's a few pics. Battle scars and all. They survived a lock out and have continued to flower well. Plus side I learned the limit on Mega Crop, and like the genetics I'm running a lot, minus the DP Mazar. She's a weak finicky bitch. The rest took the look out and flush like champs so far, and...
  7. Deke

    curing nug the right way?

    Nice! I have 2 DP Mazar's just starting to flower.
  8. Deke

    Ace Auto Zamal, DP Auto Mazar, and some Mepisto Crosses!

    So the last week all the girls that haven't have decided it's time to flower. Plus the growth has been great. I'm feeding 4 grm MC every 3-4 days or so. Next feed will be 4.5grm. I might be behind on the amount but they look good so I'm not going to f### with them right now. I do know I'm going...
  9. Deke

    Ace Auto Zamal, DP Auto Mazar, and some Mepisto Crosses!

    So I broke down and added a small heater. The plants responded to the heater. I've up potted 4 in 5gal , and have 3 more to go. One DP Auto Mazar is just a tiny so it gets a 2 gal pot and what ever happens happens. Upped the Mega Crop to 3 grams watering every 2 days give or take. Half are 4...
  10. Deke

    Ace Auto Zamal, DP Auto Mazar, and some Mepisto Crosses!

    Hey all, I'm about 2-3 weeks in on my grow. Learning a lot with this one. Temp issues are killin me! The germ time was long for all seeds, and they had to be helped out of their shells, most at least. Since then I added heat mats to combat the 65° temps in my grow area. Well....the damn mats are...
  11. Deke

    Please tell me all is not lost...

    Nice haul!
  12. Deke

    curing nug the right way?

    Witchcraft! But you have my curiosity up, so I'll try it after this grow. I always like new things! Thanks for the info all.
  13. Deke

    Germination issues with lower Temps

    Dropped another seed. An Ace auto Zamal. It'll be out next year. Looking forward to the buds from it. Should be potent as hell. It'll have a longer flower but that's ok.
  14. Deke

    Please tell me all is not lost...

    I nuked mine way worse than that my last grow and she kept budding. You'll have a nice yield. Enjoy!
  15. Deke

    Seems to happen with all my plants as soon as i switch

    So true. I learned this the hard way this last grow. They need nitrogen during flower!
  16. Deke

    Big Bud Auto Not Popping

    How deep did you plant them? What's the temp? If they popped tails then they were viable, you needed to be patient. You didn't start them in water and paper towel method? Just right into the pellets? If so then 4.5 days isn't long. You're impatient. I just took 1 day to soak, 2 days in the...
  17. Deke

    Germination issues with lower Temps

    Well I did what I should have done 2 weeks ago. I bought 2 heat mats. Now hopefully they will start to grow normally. You can see diff in the seedling sizes. Two look good, 3 are small, and one won't germ. So trying a new seed tomorrow.
  18. Deke

    Second grow need advice

    Take pics with the lights off. And get closer.
  19. Deke

    Need advice for my LED

    Id wait a bit on the hoping. Get them straightened out then top. Look for about 5 to 6 .sets of shoots before topping knowing the bottom ones will be cut. That will leave you with 3 to 4 good sets . Also just fyi turn the light off when taking pics. Helps us all out.
  20. Deke

    Germination issues with lower Temps

    Heat mat will be here Wednesday. Seeds started in water, then paper towels on top the cable box in the media room. Digital thermometer said 78 reg and they all popped tails. It's been since then when they went into their 1gal pots that things ground to a halt. I had to pull the shells and...
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