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    Tell me about Grand Daddy Purple.

    I always heard that GDP was a female Purple Erkle crossed with a nice Big Bud male. Most people can tell you that Erkle is not a beginner strain to grow. Long flower time and matures late. Doesnt get its color till late in flower and doesnt pack on weight until later in the game either. Erkle...
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    1st time grower, my setup so far.

    pics!!! and those tents need a lot of air circulation/ventalation looks good. interested on how the LED lighting system will work out for you. heres to a bountiful harvest!!!
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    kyle kushman

    hehe, i totally was thinking about craig x. lol.
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    my new pipe

    L O Hell yeah
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    kyle kushman

    Remember those med bars, what did they day on them? Something like "Kyle Kushman for President" or they were the "Kushman Bar" or something like that. That is when i first herd his name, then researched and thought it was cool he ran that church of marijuana. Does anyone know if that...
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    New beaker tube we made

    you tease
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    2k11 420 Cup in Starks

    YEAH, wonder how it turned out if it happened. Pics? someones gotta have pictures.
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    guerrilla grow

    primates can grow weed now!! wow! oh, wait. props. not damn dirty ape could ever pull trees like that! props
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    24hr veg vs. 18/6 what do you do and why?

    im a dumb ass only reason i run 24hrs veg is cuz i have light leaks and if i run 16-18hrs veg im worried about stress or herm... also, my grow light is my only light upstairs. without that i couldnt see.
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    Vacuum Purging

    nice setup greywolf! I hear those pumps are the shit to use. Those are for the big boys :lol: be careful of any vac explosions with larger runs!!
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    plant tips are burning leaves are drooping

    looks ok. not going to die anytime soon. what are your room temps? Is this your first grow? sometimes when we first grow we are really over cautious and think every little thing is the end of life for the little plant. Looks good. Give us some details and we can tell you if there is...
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    Help! I don't know what's wrong....

    hard to say without more info. Soil does look like it could be overwatered. Small plants require little water, especially when in large pots. Also, it looks like you could have some nute burn. Are you feeding it? you probably dont need to at this stage in the game when you are using soil...
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    Where does the Weed Go?

    couldnt imagine the dispensarys there were run any worse than the ones here in CA... CA really made a joke out of the whole medical thing if you ask me tho... better to have a doctor give your your meds tho, or a pharmacist than some hip hop gangster trying to pay off their new car/house...
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    Big Bang, White Dwarf, Assassin - Autoflowering Budget grow

    nice auto grow!!:sign0005:
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    Dispensary bashing thread...

    I hope the wal mart style dispensarys dont start to pop up. seems like it is going to be a case of who has the most money. But i believe the best product will always come from either yourself or a private caregiver that actually looks out for your needs. stepping to any retail (or non...
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    Authenticity Of

    SPAM fo breakfast!!:anim_09:
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    Is this shatter?

    that is some shatter for sure. lots of time it is strain specific (or grow specific) as to how your resin will turn out. anything rock hard is deff shatter tho. I think that stuff you got there is one of the most sought after forms. sometimes it can be more of a gel form which is bomb too.
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    Crystal OG 1k hps

    do you have cats? or maybe a dog? I got leaves like that one you showed that was all chewed up and in my case, it is when one of my cats gets into the room and noms them. Couldnt figure it out for the longest, then i realized that one of my kittys knows what the good stuff is. i think it...
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    BHO quick question for safety

    Id say if you are unsure, just go with a Stanless Steel Turkey Baster from Bed Bath and Beyond. That is what a LOT (if not most) people are using. They are about 10$. you may have to order them, but around the holidays they have an abundance. Once you feel comfortable with that, you can...
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    Will You Protect Me?

    what is this? some anti pot billboard in montana or what??
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