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  1. SheGrowz

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year!!
  2. SheGrowz

    Hey All- Happy New Year!! ;)

    Nice!! Happy New Year!!
  3. SheGrowz

    The Muchacho Smoking Facility!

    Purple OG Kush!! Cheers and Happy New Year!!
  4. SheGrowz

    ★first Grow★ Led ● Coco Coir ● Autoflower ● Closet Grow

    They look fine...just let them do their thing!! One luv!!
  5. SheGrowz

    Your In Introductions, Now What...... All New Members Read!!!!

    Merry Christmas to all!! I'm a newbie!! I'm an urban Farmer who's tired of inconsistent good I decided to give it a go!! On my 2nd grow right now and I'm loving the experience!! I'm taking notes and listening guys!!
  6. SheGrowz

    Happy Holidays everyone!!

    Happy Holidays everyone!!
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