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  1. Hanta

    Well, I just pulled the trigger

    good structure and frost. Looks quite early though
  2. Hanta

    Anybody know where to get regular Autoflower seeds to USA?

    oh regulars right. yeah was gonna say tnsb. glad you found some!
  3. Hanta

    1st Auto run. This one is close but...

    i mean this plant is nowhere near done. I bet you that soil has dry pockets too causing those leaves to die. Too much magnesium in soil probably. Add Gypsum. Mass more frequently with less amount.
  4. Hanta

    Anybody know where to get regular Autoflower seeds to USA?

    basically any seedbank
  5. Hanta

    Deficiency help? Can't figure it out....

    The yellowing started right after I top dressed some amendments as well... The yellowing starts on one side of the leaf near the tip. Looked at a bunch of charts and just can't figure it out. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Hanta

    Help.. Please. Overdried? Curing? Nooby grower.

    How will you lose your job first of all lol? And yeah put them in jars and buy a 5 pack of hygrometers off amazon. 62% is ideal storage as Bogart said. 59% is ideal smoking %. Also boveda packs suck out the terpenes dont use them ever. If you need to add moisture use the clay hydrostones, get...
  7. Hanta

    Someone please tell me this isn’t wat I think it is

    Well is there seeds in the bracts lol? Not "nothing"?? squish some of the bracts with a good amount of pressure. they should be hard if there were seeded. some bracts can be quite hard but will squish with enough force whereas seeds take a lot more. Looks fine to me.
  8. Hanta

    Quantum boards???

    im with you on that... I like the part where he says at least know what you are talking about yet hes the one whos actually wrong and the statement should be said to him... *facepalm* anyways it was an entertaining, sitting on edge of seat, educational thread, well done @BigCube Also I bought 2...
  9. Hanta

    How to harvest twice?

    so, looked up staged harvesting. Because thats what this is. Also for two full harvest can light early to get july sun harvest and then light dep again for oct harvest
  10. Hanta

    I am worried October frost will stop my plants from finishing the flower cycle

    Also wondering if hay would help increase soil temp? There's arguments for both sides, one that it insulates the soil, but also keeps moisture in which can freeze and decrease temps in the more moist months which is what I'm worried about. Also saw a big grow tour in north Washington and they do...
  11. Hanta

    I am worried October frost will stop my plants from finishing the flower cycle

    Anyone outdoor growing In Canada? Need help. I am In Kelowna, BC I don't even see any pistils yet forming and I am thinking the ground will freeze before the buds fully develop :( Any Ideas on keeping soil temp up? ideas how to Shorten the flowering period? I cant really run and blackout cloths...
  12. Hanta

    Help what is this I’m so sad

    def over watered... the roots need a dry cycle. Make sure the top inch or so is dry, this is not that precise because all soil dries out differently. Maybe get a moisture meter
  13. Hanta

    Using Perfect PH from Advanced Nutrients. My ph is 7.7

    Iv'e heard of water temp changing the ph perfect technology. in the 60s its good but if you go over 70 it throws it off
  14. Hanta

    Pre flowering Myths???

    Any ideas when i should switch to bloom nutrients?
  15. Hanta

    Pre flowering Myths???

    Seen a bunch on info online about pre flowering how its not apart of the flowering stage or how its not... I'v got a couple pistils. I thought I wouldn't see them this early. I'm just trying to clarify if that I see pistils now, Does that mean its going to keep flowering? Should I switch to...
  16. Hanta

    Need help!! I split my plant right at the base of where I topped it

    Mine split in the same way by doing too much LST is became hst. It now is solid and actually fatter than if it didnt split! Not noticably smaller or different in any way than my other plants also.
  17. Hanta

    Finding My Nutes - Nutrient report

    For those of you who want his Hygrozyme article: Awesome work from 10 years ago still relevant!
  18. Hanta

    1" x 1" welded wire caging have too small holes?

    Yea I want to do something like this just wondering if I can use what I got so I dont have to spend money all I'm wondering. 1"x1" is definitely small. Prob worth to just buy proper caging hey?
  19. Hanta

    1" x 1" welded wire caging have too small holes?

    All I have is 1" x 1" fencing and always see people using 1" x 2" and was wondering about the drawbacks of them using 1" x 1". What are the reasons that 1" x 1" would be bad? I'm thinking it may hold branches down that are growing up and will eventually snap them.
  20. Hanta


    Hmm i mean you definitely dont want to transplant during flower... maybe cutting the bottom out and placing on soil may be good... so you can maybe reuse the pots... But yeah the roots are going to want to grow in flower. But def dont tip that pot upside down to get dirt in your bud haha. and...
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