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    'Honey Oil' Extractor

    interesting very informative....thank you all
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    How to deal with really high electricity use.

    thnx for all the good points interesting read.....thank you all for your 2 cents
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    battery back-up

    ups a good idea I had the same question, thanks for the info.....
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    dutch master gold

    sounds sweet! Anything with dutch in the name is going to be a winner in my humble opinion, of luck
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    Ventilation and A/C questions for all you Tent Growers

    great posts! Very informative, thanks to all!
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    Hello from a Michigan Medical Farmer

    great site A tonne of useful information on here.... Also a lot of educated, friendly, likeminded people to share with. I'm hooked....
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    Purple urkle vs. Og kush?

    I love the purps!!! purple is my favorite color!
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    PH need to knows

    great posts This site is loaded with great info for beginners right through to the experts....thanks to all for their inputs
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    Simpale mold, mildew and bug spray.

    great posts thanks to all for the information, great posts on this site!
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    kind seed company?

    thanks brer.... Ill check them out, thanks for your 2 cents.....cheers
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    help needed on Dripper design please

    good info thanks for the info....
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    which strain would you choose?

    heard good things about med man heard from others they had great success with the of luck with whatever you choose!
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    The "perfect" or "closed" room

    super helpfull, thanks great info, thanks a lot.....
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    1000 watt lights.. Which reflector?

    very helpfull thanks for the info
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    Sure to Grow

    thanks.... Good to know, thanks to all.....cheers
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    start at 6.5 and flush hard in the beginning flush a tonne early and that will mean less work along the way for the last week and a half....Has always worked really well for me
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    Heat mats and germination.

    mats are waste of money.... heard from others that they are just a money grab....not necessary....the fluo you put them under will have a ballast that created heat and is usually
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    kind seed company?

    has anyone used the kind seed company? How was your experience? they have an office in vancouver canada and london england.....thanks in advance
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    seed ordering question

    so many variables what kind of nutrients, whats the weather been like, temp, humidity, sunny or cloudy etc......
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    Predator Mites....

    end all is natural and works really well end all is all natural and combined with a very thorough cleaning works excellent.... Keep things as clean as possible to avoid all kinds of problems! Good luck
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