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    Greetings To All

    welcome to the farm
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    getting good drainage from hydroponics system using coco?

    hydroton at bottom coco chips and coco it works for me.
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    aloha an happy farming to all

    Welcome to the the farm kekoa
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    Grower's Dictionary

    great read thank you
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    I would like to become a farmer...

    Welcome take care and be safe.Your at the right site.
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    Welcome to the farm
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    hey from newfoundland canada!

    Bastard welcome
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    Finally on the Farm

    you get what you order
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    welcome to the the farm.great info here
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    Greetings from Canada!

    welcome lucky
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    New to the farm 2!

    welcome to the farm and good luck
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    Things the Farm fixed for me.....

    You learn more here than anyplace else
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    Let them breathe! by DJ Short

    thanks kid always good info.
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    New member-nice to meet you all

    welcome raz
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    new here and wow

    welcome cookie
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    New to THC!

    Welcome to the farm
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    new canadian member

    Welcome to the farm berupare
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    Hello From The Smokey Mountains...

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    Don’t Believe The Hype! Potent Pot, So What?

    Don't forget the jails traded on the stock exchange by the # of people they inside.
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    To Grow or not to Grow, that is not really the question ;)

    welcome to the farm
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