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    Jack White (f1 Personally Bred)

    Dude you rock that is the most direct and detailed explanation ive ever had and you answered most of my questions 2018 we go
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    Grape Pie?

    Love the fact that there is a story. Passed the worship and glory
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    Lead's Coco Grow #2

    Wish i could see pics but i have an imagination. 7 years later. Hows it going peeps?
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    #questforfire - Some Pot Plants In Coco With A Few Lights - Aka My Prop 215 Ghetto Basement Grow

    Where did everybody go?. I want if possible thsy cut of glue!! Dam its nice. 2 years later and still seeing nothing like that silverback. Here to cultivate culture. Bless.
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    Your In Introductions, Now What...... All New Members Read!!!!

    Hey everyone. Long time reader first time grower. Starting an ebb and flow sog in a 4x8 in the next few days. Will start a journal so y'all can follow along. Thanks for the help ahead of time. Have learned a lot just from reading old posts hope to be a part of this wonderful community you have...
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