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  1. FLB

    Anyone Setup An Aeroponics Setup Before?

    Looks like you have done your research shatter. You will only need one solenoid with a cycle timer after the tank. I use john guest fittings for most all plumbing these days. The only thing I would add is a RO before reservoir
  2. FLB


    been throwing caps frothy brew at em for a few but seems like it is just keeping them at bay. Will have to try the nematodes, thanks HD
  3. FLB


    Same here.....pissed I bought a 40 dollar bottle of it, still full after 1.5 years. Only used one app and sealed up my room and havent had issues for a since. Was just gifted a cut recently with the lil critters and again wiped out in one app. Now if I could just put a little hurtin on these...
  4. FLB

    Tests find only marijuana in face-chewer's system

    Its been know MJ makes a person listen to jazz too.
  5. FLB

    Chow mix Chow mix Chow mix

    Your Avy kills me Dankworth!haha Old cheney needs a big fist up his ass..haha...fucker! when I am king........classic friend!!haha
  6. FLB

    Spray Insulation

    ^^R-7 per inch.....same as high density
  7. FLB

    Spray Insulation

    Urethane insulation is by far the porsche of insulations, but may be a touch overkill for a room. A much more economical approach would be to buy 2" high density foam board and cut to width to fit in between studs, make sure you cut them a 1/2" shy of actual width, this lets you use those...
  8. FLB

    Double Koosh pics.....Sexy Purple Lady!

    Thanks Kriya.....Your grendel looks similar in some aspects. Mota has it dialed, not to mention one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He often hooks people up with his stuff for free. It will come back around Reb, it always does. Puffin on some of this koosh right now, she will be...
  9. FLB

    Obama Tries to Rewrite His History of Promising Forbearance for Medical Marijuana Suppliers

    This is exactly what they want.......division within. Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Republican, Democratic which are all good platforms in their own respect, but when you implement man and theory things tend to get messed up. Greed is the first thing that comes to mind. Creating division...
  10. FLB

    Obama Tries to Rewrite His History of Promising Forbearance for Medical Marijuana Suppliers

    Let's not forget how O'bummer signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law. They are getting ready for the next phase people. He is no better than the rest of the puppets they have to offer. Your on the money Kolah.......nothing but a circus act. Just a place to push ill blame...
  11. FLB


    That there looks mighty tasty there friend! I love all of mota's creations, havent had the pleasure to run that beauty yet.
  12. FLB


    I believe it is and the M we had back in the early 90's floating around the boat was some of the tastiest stuff around. Very similar structure to the Colorado green bud we see today. I still think about that one.
  13. FLB

    original POW description

  14. FLB

    original POW description

    Just finished up some POW, apparently the 13 leaner due to its green color and shortness. She kicked out spear shaped cola's clear down to the main stalk. What a pleasant smell that comes from her with a kick as well. Looks like mota slayed it again with this one! Thanks for releasing this...
  15. FLB

    white russian and purple diesel???

    Watch em closely HS, I ran serious white russian a while back and had nothing but herm issues and the smoke was stoney but kinda blah on the taste. More of a waste of time than anything.
  16. FLB

    Happy Holidays!

    And happy holidays to you as well brother mota and all the farmers out there. Be safe. I have one of your POW'z ready to come down and smells out of this world. It's that kind of smell that brings on the deja vu and your mind goes back in time when you have smelled/smoked something similar...
  17. FLB

    1000w hps EXPLODED. w/ pics

    Yes Sedate....consider yourself very lucky brother. I wasn't so lucky, I have been dealing with a burnt up property for the last 90 days. I have learned a thing or two with all the investigations. You can see all the soot buildup on the bulb and chain, my guess is you will need to change out...
  18. FLB

    1000w hps EXPLODED. w/ pics

    Not trying to be a dick or anything but it is very obvious that the bulb heated up the mdf/particle board to the point of ignition. The combined heat from the charred wood and the heat of the bulb itself is what broke it. A bulb exploding will not char wood like that, especially particle/...
  19. FLB

    Cheap alternatives to overpriced hydroponic nutrients

    I have been guilty of this one too many times. From what I read it seems a lot of peeps who ran mpb's had root issues. My guess is running the rez too hot. Less is better with these type of systems. Where does one find info on your tea's cap?
  20. FLB

    Getto trees

    sorry to hear about your misfortunes ghetto. I run a diy rdwc and used to get that same funk in the buckets until I quit running benies and got rid of the air stones. I run zone now days. From what I have researched, when you introduce that much air to the water it lets all the bacteria in...
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