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    Great white north/West coast seed co.

    Hey all, bout to order my seeds and am having some trouble deciding which to run. Im gonna order from hemp depot, but am stuck on which to go with. Gonna be planted in ground with roots soil added, and feed using roots nutes. Im located in Michigan around 42 or 43 north. Trying to...
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    Amount of A/C needed for 12k + controller question.

    Thanks for the info guys. Couple more questions. A mini split only goes up to 3ton, what is the step up from mini split? I am also thinking about eventually making a seond room adjacent and run a flip flip. Is there a way to have one ac unit cool both rooms or switch between em? I...
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    Amount of A/C needed for 12k + controller question.

    Hey all, Planning out a sealed room grow and have a few questions. Gonna be running 12 1000w lights in magnum vented hoods. How big of a mini split will i need to keep it cool? Also im looking at enviro controllers, particularly the Sentinel EVC-2, but noticed it only takes up to 15...
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    Mid to late flower nut def/burn

    Hey all, first a little background info Growing in 5 gallon smartpots with organic soil. promix bx as the base with added bone meal blood meal kelp meal wormcastings etc. Essentialy subys mix if your familiar. Plants are in about week 4-6 of flowering under a 1000watt and a 600watt HPS...
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    Greenhouse + Dank = goodtimes

    How you like using the roots organic line? It treating you well? And how late into the season can you grow with a greenhouse like that? Id like to grow some more sativa dom plants outdoors here in MI but the weather never cooperates.
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    Senators ready to help the greedy

    The prices from the pharmacies would be way higher then herb is now so people would continue to grow their own or get it from the streets.
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    dead head og wont flower

    it can take a few weeks after putting a plant into flower for it to start flowering. It took 2-3weeks for my CVK to show sex. What is your current ec/ppm?
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    Just switched my hps for mh for the last week of flowering

    In flowering MH will produce less dense buds than the HPS but will be more trichome laden. HPS in flower will be denser nugs and more canopy penetration but not as trichomy as the MH. Adding a UVB 10.0 b reptile light to your grow and having it on for a few hours during the middle of your...
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    I..... Have MOLD

    The mycellium you saw was more likely from a fruiting body fungus (mushroom) Most people just see fuzzy white stuff and assume mold. Ill bet something is colonizing your peat moss.
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    ADVANCED NUTRIENTS do I think there worth it?

    Im using AN in an aeroflo20 for the first time and i gotta say the "ph/ppm perfect" advertising is pretty much rite. The ph doesnt move one bit. ppm are only going down cuz my chemvalleykush's are nute hogs. I dunno if its really worth the price but it aint a bad product line.
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    Bubble Bags VS Tumbler, for trim??

    those ok'iefs look a bit expensive for a tumbler in a rubbermaid IMO
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    Greenhouse + Dank = goodtimes

    Man that looks amazing! Good to see some Michigan greenhouse growing!
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    Quick electrical question.

    yeah ive got a few circuits setup, jus making sure 20 would be safe. Dont need any fires around here.
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    Quick electrical question.

    Runnin 2 ballasts, A 1000w and a 400w on one circuit. Gonna give the circuit its own breaker in my main panel. 20 amp breaker enough to handle this? Its running 120v Also 14 gauge or 12 gauge romex? Thanks guys.
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    shrooms growing in my pots? what to do.

    No it means that spores have landed in your substrate and have already colonized it and have begun fruiting. I use coir to grow mushrooms on because it works so well. If you dig into your soil at all you will see the network of mycellium that has colonized your sub. Not sure if it will...
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    Powdery Mildew keeps comming back.

    lower your temps a bit. Also you cant fully kill PM. You have to harvest then completely sterilize your room with bleach etc etc. also sulfur burners help.
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    Jack Herer, marijuana hero, Emperor of Hemp, dead at 70

    :sick0004: Thanks jack
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    Sealed with c02?

    I personally wouldnt run a sealed room with a nice AC unit. And a sealed room means your not venting in air from outside..... unless im mistaken.
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    PH what's the big deal? In soil

    damn charles! Well spoken!
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    Pink crystals!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not my pic.
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