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  1. tiedye611

    Maui T-3weeks

    hey farmers. Heading to Maui for Thanksgiving with the wife. Will be there for 9 nights!! Any advise on must do activity? We are snorkeling and road to Hana ect but looking for more local advise if any. Also, what’s the local smoke situation. Can we feel free to burn at the beach ect. Thank...
  2. tiedye611

    Going Skiing In Feb

    Thank you! Very helpful info!!
  3. tiedye611

    Going Skiing In Feb

    Thanks guys!
  4. tiedye611

    Going Skiing In Feb

    hello fellow farmers. Heading to CO in feb to ski Breck. Looking for some recommendations of disensarys. Looking mostly for bud. Any help would be great.
  5. tiedye611

    negril jamaica

    Thank you for all the info so far. I have already booked at a resort there for me and the MRS. Saw very mixed reviews for different tours of regions and Bob Marley "tours" May just chill on the resort and now worry about any of it! -What was the smoke situation as far as quality??
  6. tiedye611

    negril jamaica

    FARM, I just booked my first trip to Negril. Any advice on what to do or things I should not miss? -Tie
  7. tiedye611

    strain that smells like limes

    Puna Lime Buds
  8. tiedye611

    Tumbler project

    Ive heard of alot of people doing this. you should hit up Billygoat i think i remember him posting pictures of his tumbler in the freezer. Personally i use just dried popcorn and trim
  9. tiedye611

    hash smoking

    When i first saw hash back in the day; the middle eastern men would make a hash/tobacco cig called a Pigaz. the Pigaz is a nice even way to burn hash.
  10. tiedye611

    soil for earth juice

    Looking to try out earth juice. can any one recommend a good soil recipe to go along. up to know i mostly use a water only recipe.
  11. tiedye611

    Hello Everyone from wet ol' Scotland

    Welcome to the farm
  12. tiedye611

    Best Bday Ever!!! 70's seeds!

    nice! happy bday
  13. tiedye611

    tester (titanium)

    just grabbed a pack of these off the farm
  14. tiedye611

    tester (titanium)

    Nice ive been wating to see some test thread for OJD def pulling up a chair for this one
  15. tiedye611

    I want to build the perfect Grow Area 6,000 dollar limit. HELP

    I was wondering how good those BC boxes are. Heard they get hot.
  16. tiedye611

    Joints vs. Blunts

    classic white zig zags here
  17. tiedye611

    Grower's Dictionary

    thank you logic. awesome glossary!!
  18. tiedye611

    going to san fran

    thank you all for the advise so far. thank you for the offer Sway. My Uncle gets good weed so hes going to help me out. However, Id love to meet up one day with some local farmers and have a nice smoke out. maybe, we can head up your way Sway. only time will tell.
  19. tiedye611

    going to san fran

    well got my plane ticket and am heading out to San Francisco Oct. 21 till the 26th :RastaBong:. While ive been there twice before i have done the usual tourist things like the red woods and Alcatraz but i was wondering if you NOCAL Farmers can give me some advise as to cool local things...
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