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  1. Reverend Jim

    Arduino Project Ideas! What'chya Got?

    Wow! Thanks y'all -- got enough reading material to last me a while. Can't wait to see what I can cobble together.
  2. Reverend Jim

    Arduino Project Ideas! What'chya Got?

    Wow, Loving this stuff. I wish I had the brains/experience to wrap my head around all of it. However, I'm a perpetual tinkerer, so I want to try to take a baby step. If I were to want to make a humidity monitor that I could plug into the USB on my laptop (or even a controller that turns on...
  3. Reverend Jim

    Arduino Project Ideas! What'chya Got?

    OMG, I was just reading about this stuff. Love to see what folks can conjure up to automate things.
  4. Reverend Jim

    Sticky This 2 Apps That'll Help You Grow!!

    Yeah, Galaxy Sensors is an Android app (Galaxy..). Don't know about the other one -- didn't download that one. I would imagine there's something similar for iPhone, but may take some searching.
  5. Reverend Jim

    Using Several Lamps Not At The Same Time

    My knee-jerk reaction is that only 6 hours with the HPS is probably inadequate (even supplementing with the LED). During flowering, they love a lot of light. However, you say it's 2 x 2 which is pretty compact (and I'll assume you have good reflection). What I might do if heat is a worry, is...
  6. Reverend Jim

    Diving Back In...

    Update us on your grow. Also, let us know how to get cool seeds to fall from the sky where we are too.:cool:
  7. Reverend Jim

    Any Fans Of Kevin Costner's Yellowstone?

    I actually liked The Postman. Yup, I'm the one. I like Yellowstone, too.
  8. Reverend Jim

    First Timer

    Look good. Are they both the same strain? They look like they have different growth habits (could just be the angle). Consider some training - especially the one on the right.
  9. Reverend Jim

    First Timer

    As for the spots, possibly the beginning of spider mite mayhem . Look them over closely, you'll need a magnifying glass or jeweller's loupe, and see if you can spot any of the pesties. Here's a link to look at... I had one battle with...
  10. Reverend Jim

    First Timer

    Foil is a reflector of last resort. Like JMW2, I'm in the flat white paint camp. In my veg room, I used a flat white with a slight blue tint. In the flower shop, I used flat white with a slight pink tint. Both colors very slight. I don't know if the variance in color temp makes any difference...
  11. Reverend Jim

    First Timer

    Hey, any setup is better than no setup! Everyone starts somewhere, build a little at a time as time,energy and cash allow. The pics look good. However the tan spots you mention, drop some close up photos.
  12. Reverend Jim

    Sticky This 2 Apps That'll Help You Grow!!

    Sweet. I just installed the Galaxy Sensors. Seems pretty cool.
  13. Reverend Jim


    How hot (temps) are you talking about? Great pics -- the soil doesn't look overwatered (but hard to tell just by looking). Also, humidity figures could be useful. In general, the rule of thumb is Silica is helpful for increasing heat tolerance.
  14. Reverend Jim

    What Do I Do Now?

    I wouldn't say shrinking during transition is normal -- usually stretches (although a Kush autoflower won't stretch as much). Looks like a pretty content plant, though. Keep her happy.
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