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    Question about carbon filter

    Thank you everyone! My local hydro shop had the CAN-50 in for $199. They also had Hydrofarms labeled products. The owner gave me a deal on the CAN-50, he sold it to me for $133! Sweet! He had other CAN's available, but they were the small ones. I got the last 50. Stopped at Home Depot to pick...
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    MOAB, is it worth it?

    Mad Farmer. I'll get pictures up in about 2 hours.
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    Question about carbon filter

    Thank you Jadin! HeHe LOL! Thanks Mace. I'm heading out the door now! It will be the 50 or the 66. This is why I signed up for this website!:cool0044:
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    Question about carbon filter

    For 252 cubic feet? is that overkill? Or just extra insurance?
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    Question about carbon filter

    Yes the Vortex as the extractor. Is there a problem using it in such a manner? The fan is rated at 447 cfm. After reading some of the responses, I was leaning towards the CAN-50. Also, I will install the filter inside of the room, is that the most effient? Or should it go on the...
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    Question about carbon filter

    I have a grow room that is 4.5' wide x 8' long x 7' high, so 252 cubic feet. I have a 6" Vortex fan, so, what size carbon filter should I get? Any ideas to a size and make? I need help fast! My wife is spitting nails about the smell. The grow room is in my garage.
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    MOAB, is it worth it?

    I went ahead a tried it last night, went 1/2 strength. I will wait to see what happens. On another grow site, some guy claimed that his flowers grew noticably overnight. Hmmm, that I would like to see.
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    MOAB, is it worth it?

    I have a jar of MOAB and I am in the midst of my first grow. I believe I don't have enough for the flower stage. So is this product worth using?:surprised
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    I am Batman

    Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman! Welcome caped crusader!
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    Hello Folks

    Welcome Shack
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    hey dudes/dudettes

    A hearty California welcome to the Farm!
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    new member

    welcome letmeout!
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    Welcome! From one newb to another!
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    Happy to join!

    Thank you everyone. In regards to showing what I got, I will post up some pictures of my first run at indoor. I won't mind at all with any constructive criticism, I have started on my learning journey and as you travel, you need to talk to the gurus to let you know what to do and what not to...
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    Are these pods normal.

    Let me tell ya about the birds and the bees....:nerd
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    Grower's Dictionary

    Thanks for posting up the dictionary. It will be handy.:rock
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    Happy to join!

    Hello everyone! I am thrilled to join the family. I was lucky to be invited by one of our distinguished members. And a big thank you to him. I am somewhat new to indoor growing, but very familiar with the great outdoors. I hope that everyone does not mind me asking some questions every now...
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