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  1. Chemotype

    Tow and Grow Trailers Anyone use one of these? If so whats your feed back?
  2. Chemotype

    Cannabis Chemotypes I, II, and III

    Sure. I have a lot of papers to share if it is not too late. sorry I haven't been on forever. Send me your email in a private message and i'll send them.
  3. Chemotype

    its a ghost or im being fucked with????wtf

    set up a video. then you'll see whos doing it. maybe its you sleep walking then you return to bed and dream about hearing the noise and go down to check it and its happend.
  4. Chemotype

    Mushroom compost, and adding sugar in flower

    There is good info in the medical grow bible but, there is a lot of questionable info too. I am a plant science major and after a little research, here is what I found. Moist Soil The main effect of sugar water is that the soil around the plant stays moist. This is because osmosis is...
  5. Chemotype

    Seed Trouble

    They have been in for about 2 weeks. They did get a little cold at the beginning because my heat mat wasn't working right. But it was like 64F, which I don't think is too low. The cubes and perlite were pre-soked in pH 7 RO water. So it shouldn't be a pH thing or ppm. All the seeds were from...
  6. Chemotype

    Seed Trouble

    I need some insight. I've never experienced this problem before. I started 20 Hindu Kush, 22 Kali Mist, 13 Lifesaver and 10 Bubbleberry seeds in a damp paper towel (RO water was used), kept warm and in the dark like always. Within 72 hours all but two Hindu Kush, two Kali Mist, one...
  7. Chemotype

    Feeding tips please!!

    anybody have some ideas about the best feeding schedules in an ebb&flow for Kali Mist (serious seeds), Bubbleberry (sagarmatha), and Hindu Kush (sensi seeds)? Also what EC and pH do each run best at?
  8. Chemotype

    3x3 = 1 pound?

    Thanks Texas Kid I am going to try that. Sounds more manageable. I don't mind fine tuning to control heat and the extra parts are no big deal.
  9. Chemotype

    3x3 = 1 pound?

    checked out your link. looked great! I hope my first hydro turns out that well.
  10. Chemotype

    3x3 = 1 pound?

    Great info farmers. Really useful. Thank you! I am planning to run a 5'x10' tent with three 3x3 tables in it. I will definately be framing the tables with reflective material. I would rather use 600w digitals, so you think two over each table is enough? probably run a SOG style with 3 plants...
  11. Chemotype

    3x3 = 1 pound?

    how much light is needed in a 3x3 area to produce one pound? and can it be done without co2?
  12. Chemotype

    Carbon Filter and Ozone Necessary?

    It won't be anything huge. just a 4' x 8' x 6' 7" tall or so. How much light would you recommend? three 600's or two 1000's?
  13. Chemotype

    Carbon Filter and Ozone Necessary?

    in a situation where odor control is critical would it be necessary to use a carbon filter plus ozone generator? or will the carbon filter be sufficient?
  14. Chemotype

    The Real Seed Company?

  15. Chemotype

    The Real Seed Company?

    are The Real Seed Company's landrace seeds any good?
  16. Chemotype

    Grow or not to Grow

    Haha to that. :icon_spin: You'll wonder why you ever asked.
  17. Chemotype

    THC/CBD ratio help Please!

    I haven't heard of any commercial cultivars with any CBD. They all make claims but who knows if its true, the tests to verify cannabinoid content are expensive and difficult to perform. In a study done by GW Pharmaceutical it is reported that a variety of Northern Lights has 1% CBD and Hindu...
  18. Chemotype

    Seedbank warning!!!!

    your own seed company (as in doing your own breeding work) or a re-sale site?
  19. Chemotype

    THC/CBD ratio help Please!

    you know of any published papers you can recommend? sounds interesting.
  20. Chemotype

    Super skunk x blueberry !!!

    sounds like a tastey accident to me you should follow through with this accidental breeding project.The cross has been made before, but I never tried it.
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