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  1. BCrocker

    Run off or no run off in Coco

  2. BCrocker

    Calling all experts!

    Is this really from 2013?
  3. BCrocker

    Runoff Ph 5. can't get it up HELP

    Imo. Stop the madness, switch to coco unless you're fully organic. I played the peat primary game for too long and products inconsistencies cost us money.
  4. BCrocker

    Should I trim low laying branches?

    Outside, let her grow
  5. BCrocker

    Gieselcookies By Divine Genetics

  6. BCrocker

    Gieselcookies By Divine Genetics

    Grown in Coco with my nutrient mix. DE gavita hps. They were a little close to the light for my liking since it was my first run with them. 4 phenos made it to this round and this one was the clear winner.
  7. BCrocker

    Gieselcookies By Divine Genetics

    :fire::fire::fire: winner winner 30.4%
  8. BCrocker

    Raw Salts - Q

    I've been using raw salts for a few months and these are my findings so far. Base water 40-80ppm Coco - DTW Beds - I've had really healthy results with the following (in ppm) All the way from Veg to Day 10 flower. N;P:K:S:MG:CA 159 48 192 74 53 100 That would be 3.3 : 1 : 4 Promix blend DTW...
  9. BCrocker

    Anyone Use Plant Prod Mj Line With Coco?

    Like the title says.
  10. BCrocker

    Plants Going Overall Pale...

    Thabks for the info. The room has 32 gavita in 700sq ft. It may even be too much light? Do you use humidifiers? Can you recommend a hygrometer?
  11. BCrocker

    Plants Going Overall Pale...

    Gavita 1000 DE dimmed to 750w. Early flower - 40" from canopy top 10gal pots They wwre started in another room but vegged in this room for 14 days after pot upsize. They started going pale first week 12/12 Late flower 30" from canopy top 7 gal pots Rh sensors. On cheap honey well...
  12. BCrocker

    Plants Going Overall Pale...

    Early flower are the ones in question. Late flower is how they keep developing for me. Big ones are a different strain, same room, same nutrients.
  13. BCrocker

    Plants Going Overall Pale...

    Thanks for your reply! These ones currently are being fed every 2nd or 3rd day. I have a few runs with the vios and every time they seem to dislike the light or missing a nutrient (ie. cupping leaves) The climate/vpd is on point. I also have a problem with them forming colas and just...
  14. BCrocker

    Plants Going Overall Pale...

    This strain is going overall yellow. Uppers, lowers. I will get a pic uploaded. Violator kush Coco/perlite 75/25 DE gavita @750w Co2 1500 Week 2 flower Nutrients in 1.8EC 67F Slurry tests 5.8 to 6.0 Room air temp 81 RH 50% Heated floors. 72 min. Has anyone else grown this strain? It seems...
  15. BCrocker

    Questions For Successful Experienced Coco Growers

    Recommendations: What these guys said and Cocotek is crap Use The GH 3 part or the knock offs. Or make your own. Use RO and supplement camg or test your water. Always to run off. Slurry test once per week. Humic to release bound up nutrients. MKP
  16. BCrocker

    Nutrient Deficiency/lockout

    Slurry test, post results
  17. BCrocker

    Jungle Boys On Instagram Growing Techniques

    Any info on how they feed their coco? The root pictures are like nothing I've ever seen
  18. BCrocker

    What Is Your Pesticide Schedule ?

    Mites = lagon, dynamite, forbid, Floramite, orethene, avid, aza, Pyganic, peroxide
  19. BCrocker

    What Is Your Pesticide Schedule ?

    It makes it over the border sometimes... And it's due to potentially causing miscarriages.
  20. BCrocker

    Assistance With Pale, Slow Growth, Red Stems - Coco/perlite - Gh Cocotek Nutrients

    I have now got the RO working working again so I will be supplementing a bit of Calmg. Have you gone higher than the 7.5/7.5 for bloom? What else have you added in flower with this line?
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