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    Switching to Sealed Room Exp Growers HELP!

    Here's what I went through to get my room sealed and dialed in. I have 4600 watts of lighting all bare bulb and it's 10x 12. So far I have needed to get both a dehumdifier for at night and a humidifier for the day time. The air handler in the room scrubs the room so dry, its like a desert so I...
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    If your green your growing, if your ripe your rotten.

    If your green your growing, if your ripe your rotten.
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    Elite A-Train clone

    just got some a-train x space queen as a freeby. Thanks
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    Awesome thread, as I starting having a slight problem with my girls and just remembered that I forgot to use my silicate.
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    The Benefits of Potassium Silicate

    :help: When would be an acceptable week to stop giving your plants silicate in the flower stage if you are flowering for 10 weeks? porgot something Oh. Never mind. Just found a thread that answered my question.
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    Old School Purple Kush

    ^^^ Yeah what they said!!
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    why cant i get stoned

    Man are you smokin' bammer cuz I smoke all day every day and get higher than girraffe ballz... order you up some seeds here at the farm, crack some beans, grow em' and smoke some fire. I promise that'll do the job!
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    I came here for the MPB's!!!

    ^^^^ Well said. You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen.....and if you have any doubts read up on Texas kids grow diaries and you will be a believer in the UC or pretty much any other grow method or medium you can think of. This guy fuckin' kills it... you da man TK
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    I came here for the MPB's!!!

    Honestly what I would do is get a 4 or 6 site under current and slap it in a tent or room (better) and learn on that so you get to know RDWC inside and out. The reason I say undercurrent because it's basically plug n play and you have a less margin for error from an out of the box system. Trust...
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    Fuel....lookin for a momma

    You ever pop the rest of the fuels? Very interested to see the end product.
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    Original Haze by Reeferman seeds

    nice! Did you grow it? If so how long did you flower for? Organic? Indoor or outdoor? sorry for all the ?'s just interested.
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    Definetely take her 70 bro you won't be disappointed! My Og pheno nannered on me pretty good last round so I'm thinkin about shitcanning it if I see any more seeds in this round.
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    I came here for the MPB's!!!

    Welcome to the farm. Let me give you my take on mpb's: Read every thread about mpb and or undercurrent and then read them 10 more times. If your still convinced that you can grow 40 lbs off 10 plants because Double D makes it seem so easy.....then start small and learn on a curve, because for...
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    Genetic Archaeology in PDX

    welcome to the farm!
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    sex change spray

    You couldn't pay me to run "riot" seeds. Punks like that with his 200 strain selection make me fuckin laugh hysterically. It's only a matter of time before this turd is flushed out.
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    whacha waking up to.

    2 dabs of blue dream bho and a joint of green manalishi!!
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    A/C emergency

    He should of definetly performed a leakdown test for $400 and fill...
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    Flipbox DPC 7500

    I ran 6k on the dpc7500 for a year no problem (2 lumateks 4 galaxy's) never a problem. Plus I think it's 3.7 amps per 1k when running 240 so 3.7 x 6=22.2 amps which =73.99% of your 30 amp load. Make sense? -BB
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    Mekong Haze

    Never grown it but I have heard of the 22 weeks flower time so that is a pretty good deturent for me.
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    How do YOU harvest?

    I've tried various methods and for me the best product comes from cutting the plant at the stalk and hang it upside down without taking the leaves or anything off of it. I hang it in a room temp room (68-70) humidity is low (30-40%) for 4-5 days. I trim the buds when they are semi damp and...
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