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  1. yourmechanicgrowsweed

    Breeding after a NEEM wash?

    So, I've just discovered thrips on a grow that I left for a couple weeks in the hands of someone else. Unfortunately I had to hose the whole plant w/ neem and she was at least 3-4 weeks in flower. I don't plan on smoking/consuming the buds now...but I have some pollen laying around from this...
  2. yourmechanicgrowsweed

    Buds on Day 2 of drying, can I still wash them?

    I've washed my outdoor buds w/ the Jorge method. Never had a problem. I'm only washing during harvest though... before I do final trim and hang to dry.
  3. yourmechanicgrowsweed

    Lets see your 2020 Outdoor Plants!

    Sup, first post. My outdoor season has gone ok so far, had some potted gals that started to get hit w/ rot and so I had to pull em a week or so earlier than I would've wanted. This is the last girl (white widow) left outside and she is in the ground. I pray to the weed gods for a late frost...
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