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    best time to harvest?

    morning? or evening? always heard first thing in the morning, just wondering, what everybody's thoughts were.
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    fungus gnats suck

    actually they are fungus gnats, and not easy to control, depending on how you grow. i've taken them in and had them verified. soooo quick to answer with no info....tsk...tsk.....thanks for all the "helpful" comments i'll give it a whirl! using a new method now...two prong approach..maybe?
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    fungus gnats suck

    if anyone has some good suggestions about how to completely rid myself of these vermin, i'd appreciate it. have them at bay, more annoying than anything, but they gotta go, and i've had a hell of a time irradicating them completely. suggestions??????
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    Kush Expo - WTF is this Crap?

    bunk!!! got ticks for 12, i think there was maybe 15 people there.WEAK!!!! saturday, vendors had already left and i thought i was in the wrong place. never again!!!!!nothing but empty booths.......looked deserted........din;t have anything going on, but i'm sure pickin my ass at would've been...
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    Colorado Clone Distributors SUCK !

    agree 1000% they all suck, produce or give the f.... up!
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    Butane extraction and recycle system

    very, very, nice!
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    i am pleased to become a member. looks like a lot of smart folks on here to learn from. i hope to be able to contribute:)
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