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    uv lighting

    Yes they do. I run SunPulse MH lights for all stages of growth. Veg room is a mix of HO T5, VHO T5 and 4k and 6.4K bulbs. Then in flowering I switch to 3K flowering bulbs in air cooled hoods, for the last few weeks I use the 10K bulbs and remove the glass from my hoods. I have played around...
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    Co2 Controllers

    I run two water cooled burners to generate my gas. In one room it is controlled by the Sentinel CTC-1. It works great, and I've never had a problem in over two years of use. I'm pretty sure they came out with a new model because my other flowering room has the CPPM-1. It too has performed...
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    OG Kush 18 preferred nutrient strength

    This is a strain I enjoy quite a bit. I grow in a soil mix, and use Age Old Organics, In veg, I start at 500 and work up to 1000PPM. Then I go up to 1200PPM during flowering and then water with pure RO water for the last two or three weeks. People talk some shit about Cali Connection seeds...
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    Cooling with well water

    Oh well. I've been doing it for almost two years and things are cool. I'll get that 5HP chiller installed this spring and be off the wells all together. They will just be backup if a pump in the closed loop fails. I try to work in redundancy wherever possible. Thanks though.
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    Cooling with well water

    What about running to waste into a septic leach field. The water just passes over the tank and into the ground where it returns to the water table.... right? I have two wells, but the plumber said you had to have EPA inspections and all kinds of red tape to dump back into either of my wells...
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    water cooled gardens

    I absolutely love my water cooled gardens. Awesome performance.
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    r/o system w/ well water

    I have that discontinued Merlin Garden Pro with all the options... Tall Blue pre-filters, electronic shutoff, digital PPM meters showing incoming and outgoing levels, etc. I have mine set up to an eighty gallon holding tank, and it works fine for me. I have a similar size (wattage) grow...
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    Anyone with T5's on the walls?

    I don't think he is talking about that one.
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    Chill King problems

    This problem is not uncommon, especially in areas where the temps get below freezing. My 2HP chillking fan shattered exactly like yours, as did a number of other units sold through what was formerly The Green Light Garden and Brew Supply in Missoula, MT. We all had ours replaced with metal...
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    comparison grow: HPS vs Induction

    They sound pretty much like any T5 with the advantage of having a 100,000 hour life span with very little degradation over time. I'm sick of changing out HO and VHO T5 bulbs with such frequency, and you can easily see when the tubes are going kaput (much dimmer and have the black ends, or...
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    Flowering with a 10K bulb

    I've been using SunPulse MH bulbs for flowering, including the 10K. I own 250W, 400W, and 1000W 10K bulbs. All of the SunPulse bulbs produce UVA, UVB, and UVC. I also use air cooled hoods with water cooled heat scrubbers (Ice Box). In order to maximize the effect, I have to remove the...
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    Impact of c02 in the growroom

    So you optimize the rest of the variables to maximize the effect of the CO2. Water more often, feed more frequently, raise the temps a bit (I never go over 85 F and prefer to keep things right at 80 F at 1500 PPM), set your RH where you feel is best for your setup, etc. I don't understand the...
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    Optimal Relative Humidity, and How to Control?

    Here is some more info on VPD from Maximum Yield:
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    CAP GEN-1 Issues

    I thought the factory settings were set for a burner, not "fuzzy logic". Mine were anyhow. Anyone want to confirm? Never hurts to check though.
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    CAP GEN-1 Issues

    I've had issues with a number of CAP products and ended up switching to Sentinel products and Hydro Innovations water cooled burners. With the "ice cap" installed, the gas comes out of the unit at 79* F (using well water on a run to waste setup). I would follow the advice of Green Punk, or...
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    Can you run too much light?

    I'm not sure what you mean by not being able to get the outdoor unit with regards to CO2. I run indoor, water cooled burners to produce my gas and it comes out of the burner at 79 degrees F. You can run too much light if the plants can't use it, but you are talking about getting light below...
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    what type of hood ?

    What hood did you use before converting to a huge one? I don't like them for many reasons, but before I talk shit I need to go down to the shop and fire up a Raptor and a Daystar AC to compare the coverage. It has been a long time, but from my memory of doing this before, I was totally...
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    what type of hood ?

    It depends on the brand of hood. Some have louvers that can be replaced with flanges to hook up ducting. You could try a DIY if you are handy. What brand and model are you using now? I'm not into massive hoods, so I wouldn't recommend any of them. I'd be happy to tell you why if you...
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    New stuff from HI

    HI has water cooled chillers. I imagine they are incredibly expensive based on what I paid for my 5HP SC commercial chiller. If you live in the arctic circle, they even have a chiller that has no compressor at all, and pulls 2 amps to cool up to 8 lights.
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    New stuff from HI

    I love my HI setup. Absolutely love it. Great company with great products. I just want to know when they are going to release those AirStream Hoods. Gotta give one of them a try.
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