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  1. rusty

    Honey Bee Oil Extractor Healthy?

    eh, u can get a pyrex one on ebay for about the same price, i dunno why anyone would buy one of those things to be honest…
  2. rusty

    oil in my oil????? plz help

    me too! haha. thanks for the info tho
  3. rusty

    oil in my oil????? plz help

    Heya Fasheeryfo, I dont suppose you could post a link to a vacuum regulator like the one you mentioned above? I'm kind of ignorant about vac pump shits and I'm just curious as to what exactly it does… I'm looking for something to help keep vapors from getting into my vacuum oil… I picked up one...
  4. rusty

    oil in my oil????? plz help

    im just going to speculate here, but perhaps if u dissolved it into some everclear, then the oil would sit on top (i think?), where you could then use a separatory funnel or mix it in a glass and use a turkey baster to get everything under the oil. U'd stop funneling, or stop using the baster...
  5. rusty

    Absolute separated from Concrete?

    hmm, the skunk pharm link isnt working, u can find the image on this page: above the image of the syringe
  6. rusty

    Absolute separated from Concrete?

    I made some absolute out of some mouldy buds a few weeks ago, I used the .2 micron syringe filter method, turned out great. One thing about using a vacuum to boil ethanol though, I used a single stage pump for the job, word or warning, the ethanol vapors mixed with the oil and messed up the...
  7. rusty

    New vacuum oven

    Nice! Green with envy :D I rigged up a ghetto version of Graywolfs setup, I drilled a hole in the top of my plastic desiccator and ran the cord of a candle warmer thru a rubber stopper and hooked the candle warmer up to a light dimmer to control the temp...
  8. rusty

    BHO Extraction for oral meds

    good read graywolf, i might give this a go. is the final product more potent extracted with butane rather than ethanol?
  9. rusty

    Acetone extraction

    I always wondered about acetone after reading about it in cannabis alchemy… but think i'll skip that experiment now, thanks for the info. I just might try that glassware wash on my bongs sometime tho ;)
  10. rusty

    Ear Wax Hash Instructions?

    heres some old instructionals: youtube has a lot of how-to videos too. vac purging can make wax, depending on the strain.
  11. rusty

    Cannabis Tincture A.K.A. Green Dragon ((PICS))

    U gotta good point graywolf, probably should of hung onto my cash… oh well. The tincture from the extractor def works, however its pretty much black and opaque. My buddy made a tincture a few weeks ago using the quickwash technique and bud (rather than trim) and is a much nicer translucent green...
  12. rusty

    Cannabis Tincture A.K.A. Green Dragon ((PICS))

    I'm making some right now with the drill spot soxhlet extraction appratus. Its a good thing they come in a 2pk because UPS broke 2 of the parts. But oh well, I only need one right? I'll try your method, kakalak, run 2 hours, refill and run another 2. Thanks for the info y'all. Can't wait to try...
  13. rusty

    Cannabis Tincture A.K.A. Green Dragon ((PICS))

    nice find! thanks
  14. rusty

    The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection (YOUTUBE)

    congrats on the promotion
  15. rusty

    The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection (YOUTUBE)

    I dont think magweedo even got stoned. what a beast.
  16. rusty

    Fermenting cannabis trim, refluxing for ethanol to make hash oil

    that is a good book, a lil dated and full of 'hippie wisdom', but pretty friggin cool even if its a tad dated. but are you referring to making a tincture out of cannabis? THC doesn't ferment, however soaking and distilling it will make a super potent edible tincture, do it!
  17. rusty

    bad oil trip

  18. rusty

    Extraction Tube

    or u can run to the hardware store and make one of these… like right now ;)
  19. rusty

    making oil with ISO?

    let em dry out til they are nice n crispy, that way the tane doesnt have a hard time passing thru
  20. rusty

    Chemical presence in oil

    flushing isnt going to help anything, wtf
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