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  1. Dank Sinatra

    Integra or boveda ?? 55% or 62%??

    Have you ever tried a desiccant to lower the humidity? you would probably need a very very small one, just enough to lower the jar humidity to 60% Dank Sinatra
  2. Dank Sinatra

    Stack Overflow to start Q&A section for cannabis......

    Well, its finally here :P Stack Overflow, perhaps one of the coolest coding Q&A sites is considering starting a section to answer questions related to cannabis.... Curious what Y'all think about this? Perhaps something like...
  3. Dank Sinatra

    Nute Pack In Tea Is Fine.

    Into it, I just haven't been able to get the flows even in my brain.... the pump i use over drives the drip stakes that dont have restriction... they have an outlet hole slightly smaller than a 1/4 line, but its free flowing. This drip system way built on a 3/4" main tube, i am going to try a...
  4. Dank Sinatra

    Nute Pack In Tea Is Fine.

    oh shit, mine was way to warm then, running like 80-82, Psiloscybes like 86, so i was going off that, but it wasn't crazy like my teas from last year. BTW this is the first tea i have brewed in a Year, got some OG BioWar from a friend, and were splitting a kilo of everything tonight :) Its...
  5. Dank Sinatra

    Nute Pack In Tea Is Fine.

    Yah. Totally get that it the way they move the water that kills them. I am just under the impression that a diaphram puts out a lower head pressure, so it wouldn't drive my drippers well. Wish i could use one, so i wouldn't cause any stress to my microbes :P thanks again for the post, you...
  6. Dank Sinatra

    Nute Pack In Tea Is Fine.

    Perfect guys. Thanks for the good info, literally ran down stairs to unplug that pump... hahaha I can imagine the poor guys getting chopped up in the turbine for sure. So a diaphram pump usually has less Pressure than a mag drive, since i use drip stakes i need a powerful pump to drive em...
  7. Dank Sinatra

    Butane extractor/recycler

    so hows this project been rockin? Any sketchy incidents? I was about to construct one of these and then my friend blew himself up... the traditional bho way. Goddamn static electricity and blowing in stupid places... I am still wanting to build one of these but first I have to see if butane...
  8. Dank Sinatra

    Live and Let die.

    Live and Let die.
  9. Dank Sinatra

    Outdoor in the ground date?

    Been a while, been out to cali and seen some pretty set ups. Got a friend whos going to put his 3 outside this year finally. Going to check the frost date this week and see what the dealio is. But re asking any folks who are new to the forum :)
  10. Dank Sinatra

    Nute Pack In Tea Is Fine.

    I brew my tea in a 10 gal trash can with a recirc pump/ water fall and heft air stoned. When the stea is done brewing i let it sit for 10 minutes for particulates to settle out(EWC, Alaska forest humus, Oat flour,sometimes kelp meal) then i pour my tea off into my res via a spout installed 2"...
  11. Dank Sinatra

    Big Boys Are Sniffin Around

    Just curious if you think you would be able to defend a patent on the strains you use? Paul Stamets has patented and then Licensed multiple fungus for pesticidal use, and funded his non-profit pretty well on the licensing. He is my hero since i was 18 and first got into mycology. Edit: Like if...
  12. Dank Sinatra

    PHO smells like POO

    Bringing this back from the dead in hopes that someone will have a good idea for cleaning it, or buying clean propane.
  13. Dank Sinatra

    Extraction Tube

    That looks like galvanized steel, won't the butane leach off that?
  14. Dank Sinatra

    Propane the "ultimate solvent" for extraction

    sad, i hope we find a clean source of propane, i live b mexico, maybe they have some down there :)
  15. Dank Sinatra

    Butane extractor/recycler

    Budboy, mad props and those designs will be much appreciated when you have time :)
  16. Dank Sinatra

    BHO filtering

    that makes sense to me, i noticed when i switched from coffee filters to musselin my yield didn't change.
  17. Dank Sinatra

    Butane extraction and recycle system

    that is fucking epic.
  18. Dank Sinatra

    Shooting powder, what % of ppms do you usually do?

    So i am just hitting week 6 and want throw some shooting powder in my rez, What do you guys usually do percent wise? I am running 650 ppm of dutchmaster gold super well, on my coco guys its usually like half shooting powder, but I have had to use way less PPMs of regular nutes in my UC so i...
  19. Dank Sinatra

    can someone link me the PH/PPM top off post.

    thank you so much.
  20. Dank Sinatra

    can someone link me the PH/PPM top off post.

    So i remember reading a post that basically said when your UC's ppm and ph change in this relation to eachother it means you need to top off witha stronger or weaker solution, can someone please rexplain the Law to me or link me to that post. thanks
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