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    Qualifications for Patients License?

    If I'm Canadian but living in Arizona and can provide proof of a condition from my doctors, what kind of residency requirements are needed? I live between Canada and Arizona. I appreciate any assitance from people who know, Thanks.
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    90g bubba kush x deep chunk water hash

    Awesome looking hash
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    quicky batch

    How do you roll the powder into a ball like that? Thanks
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    Dry ice extraction

    What kind of yields have you gotten with either bud or trim? Thanks
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    Getting that hash all melty

    How do you get that black color from dry sift? D you press it specially to crumble like that with heat or something?
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    easy kief tumbler?

    Do you know if you can use dry ice in the wooden tumblers like bubblemans or could it possibly warp the wood?
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    Grape God dry sift

    Have you ever used dry ice or will that affect the wood or the screened drum too much?
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    anybody tried this?

    Can anyone tell us some yields maybe?
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    Agricultural Pollen Extractor used with Dry Ice

    Type Of Paper For Pressing Dry Sift? Does anyone know what kind of paper they use in the video to press the dry sift or do any of you guys have suggestions?
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    Butane extraction and recycle system

    I love the plans & product, but someone has to ask why you didn't buy a Tamisium? Sorry in advance lol
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    Hash oil cartridge fill up video.

    very cool
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    Freak's Home-made hands-free Trich Tumbler

    Yes, The Tumble Now that Bubbleman makes. Aqualab sells them
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    Newbie makin Hash

    You can use rubbing alcohol to clean the silk screens. Alcohol will basically turn the resin thats left into oil on the screen so try to use 99% ISO & a fair amount of it with water will do the trick. Dont get your wooden frame wet, could mess stuff up. Alcohol is how people who make t-shirts &...
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    Full Melt Boogie

    Amazing Bubble, I have never seen anything like that in Amsterdam or Canada. Theres just sooo much cheap hash out there people dont even try
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    Fresh Frozen, Dry Sugar, and Twister Side-by-Side

    How much trim/bud/shake/whatever di you use?
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    Tamisium Butane Extractors

    Trim & Shake or Whole Buds/Nugs? Hey Farmers, Was wondering what you guys use mostly when you load the extractor. Also, does this change yield & quality to a noticeable extent? Thanks, Codisious
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    What's YOUR extraction tube dimensions?

    Yield Numbers Please leave your yield numbers with your extractor sizes, especially if you have a commercially produced one like okief. Thanks, Codisious
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    Tamisium Butane Extractors

    Hello, MTgrower was wondering if you could PM me your email or something as I have some questions about the Tamisium you might be willing to help me with? (because i am such a new user i cannot PM anyone other than administrators) Thank you, Codisious
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