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    FUNdamentals of Root Disease

    Discovering a crop has a root disease or a virus infection is a horrible moment for any grower. Some will use a chemical to try to control it, but this approach is often not effective and may even worsen the situation. As with everything, prevention is better than cure. Prevention starts with...
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    Humic Acid FUNdamentals

    Humic acids are a source of concentrated organic matter derived from various sources. Plant materials go through several stages of decay: fresh plant material, green manure, compost, peat, brown coal, leonardite and coal. These materials accumulate over time, and with heat and pressure they...
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    Fundamental Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions WHAT IS pH ? pH is defined as the degree of acidity/alkalinity of a solution. It is identified on the pH scale ranging from 0 to 14, with a pH of 7 representing the neutral point. Solutions with a pH less than 7 are considered acidic, while those above 7 are...
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    FUNdamentals of Hydroponics Systems

    The Fundamentals of a Hydroponics System Understanding Vegetative Growth and Flowering / Bloom cycles Plants undergo a number of changes throughout each life cycle. The two most distinctive are Vegetative Growth and Flowering / Bloom. During vegetative growth the plant will concentrate its...
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    Nutrient Lockout pH Ranges

    Nutrient Lock Out PH Ranges (N) - 4.5-5.0 (P) - 6.0-8.5 (K) - 4.0-4.5, 6.0-6.5 (Mg) - 2.0-5.7 (Ca) - 2.0-5.3 (Zn) - 5.7-8.5 (Fe) - 2.0-3.5 (S) - 2.0-5.5 (Mn) - 2.0-4.5 (B) - 2.0-5.0 (Cu) - 6.5-9.0 (Mo) - 2.0-5.5
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    Basid Humidity Info Tips

    Cannabis that grows in a hot, dry climate will have narrower leaves than cannabis grown in a humid atmosphere. The reason is that in a dry atmosphere the plant can respirate easier because the moisture on the leaves evaporates faster. In a humid atmosphere, the moisture cannot...
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    Foilar Spray pH Info

    Balance pH of Foilar Sprays It is a mistake to think that you do not need to measure the pH balance of your foliar spray. Much like your nutrient solution, the pH of your foliar spray should be slightly acidic, with a pH of around 5.8. jigglybones
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    Rockwool pH Info

    Stonewool is not alkaline! It is a common belief that Grodan is alkaline and that one has to continuously adjust the pH. This is not true. When Grodan is new it contains some residual lime from production. Everybody should soaks the rockwool in no lower than pH 5 water the day before use...
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    Need pH For Cloning in Perlite

    Hi Friends, I want to try cloning in straight perlite. Are there any recommendations as to what the pH of nutrient water should be? Thanks, jigglybones ps I've read...
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    Powdery Mildew Started-Do I Harvest?

    Hi Friends, Unfortunately, I just noticed powdery mildew in my garden 3 days ago. I had hoped it was contained to the clones only, but that's not the case. These big girls are all 9 - 10 weeks into flowering, with clear trichs. Should I harvest now? ps I'm trying neem oil for...
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    Need Fulvic/Humic/Kelp Dosage Instructions

    I have a 3 separate bottles - one of fulvic acid, one humic acid, and one kelp. None of them came with a label. Does anyone know how much I should give my plants? I'm growing in FFOF soil, 100% organic,Earth Juice nutes, 1000w light, co2, controlled environment. Some of my babies are a few...
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    What Fan Rating?

    I want to do closed venting on a 1,000 watt hps. The light has 8 inch vents, so I know I need an 8 inch in-line fan. I will only need to vent to light's heat about 15 feet. Does anyone know what size/rating I should buy? thanks friends
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    Highest Yielder? What Do You Think?

    Farmers, which of the following strains have yielded you the most grown in soil under similar conditions? LaConfidential Purple Erkle Cheese White Widow
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    Need Help NOW with CO2 Tubing Placement

    I'm setting up my co2 tank, and want to make sure I put the tubing in the right place. I know you place the tubing above the plants. But where above the plants? You can't put it directly between the light and plants, can you? thanks
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    Capping Off Light Exhaust Vents

    I'm just starting my 'sealed room' grow. Because I'm not venting heat from my light, I want to know if I should cap off the light's exhaust holes/ports? Will that create too much heat within the light unit? It already has a glass lense.
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    Sealed Rooms Info

    Hi Fellow Farmers, I thought this link was worthy of its own thread if anyone is interested in 'sealed rooms' (also called Controlled Environment Agriculture).
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    CO2 & Stand Alone Carbon Scrubbers

    Do stand alone carbon scrubbers take co2 out of the grow room air?
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    Sealed Rooms & Carbon Scrubbers

    Hi Friends, Does anybody know if you can use a stand alone carbon scrubber in a sealed room? I read somewhere that rooms need to be vented for the carbon scrubber to work. Can't I get a scrubber, put it on a timer, and let it keep redrawing from the same room air?
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    Best 1,000 Watt HPS Lamp ?

    What is the best all around 1,000 watt HPS lamp? (to go with Quantem digital ballast)
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    Best 1,000 Watt Reflector ?

    What is the best 1,000 watt reflector that would work with a Quantem digital ballast?
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