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    **prop215 cali outdoor 2010 grow**

    :passingjoint: few pics before rain :anim_30::anim_30: :tmi
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    Rip michelle rainey

    R.I.P. Michelle Rainey you will be missed.
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    Rain come`n Thursday!

    i covered mine just wont settle for not fully matured,storm will pass.. have fun be safe.
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    Alien Kush

    killer frosty phenos grit.
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    Strain Hunting!

    im seed/strain hunting for a cross of THE WHITE X ALIEN KUSH !! then select best phenos.:banana::banana:ogr might make them.:cool0041:
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    Deadhead (2 different phenos) smoke report

    nice pheno would you say more 91' chem leaning or sfv leaning?? i wish i could smell that!
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    Organic Fire Aliens

    nice phenos! thanks waayne for the encouragement to pop alien kush f2 beans asap. i bet its going to be hard to limit pheno keepers.
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    Help me paint my smoke lounge

    might feel overheated with red. i would paint room blue and with creative real graffiti or cannabis photography to keep minds and imaginations on blasts.we dont want them to complain about being overheated while
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    Me Nugs

    true og true stinker love that cut.nice buds
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    Me Nugs

    pimp slap og looks killer
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    Jamaican Me Crazy ?

    pitch black I THINK jamaican me crazy ( jamaican lambsbread x ogisel or giesel ) fruitridge has some beans....
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    Smokin Tree's Cali Connect girls - pre98 bubba and CVK

    nice phenos bro!!!!
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    How many strains you got?

    28 different strains not including different seed phenotypes. seeds: white bubba kksc x the white alien kush f2 alien og alien dogv2 alien bubba grass knucklesv2 deadhead og chemreaper clones: madman og (la con. x abusive og) chemdog #4 royal kush fire og sfv og t1 og...
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    Jakes Rd.2 1000w 5 Plant Scrog

    blue dream sativa structure will fill up canopy quick, maybe put them in corner. transplants look good, looks like their ready to take off under screen. keep us updated...
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    What the strongest pine tasting strain

    g13 pine but would perfer pinesole/kerosine smell and flavor like pinesap kush, sfv og, tahoe og, im sure there is more kush hybrids that hold that nice pinesole/kerosine smell taste....:thinking
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    **prop215 cali outdoor 2010 grow**

    thanks blueberry hill! :winking0067:QUICK UPDATE!!:dance:dance
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    Surfr's nug shots.....

    all look good bro but let me hit that lemon larry 3 first! lol
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    **prop215 cali outdoor 2010 grow**

    starzandskarz that thc gold is extremely potent! highest level thc % i had so far but kush caviar was close. CheechWizard my dj shorts blueberry is still in early bloom compared to others,she will stretch more. i wish i had white fire i only have fire og clone, and its straight up towards sun...
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    Og raskal variouspics

    hell yeah bud porn. i just poped a bowl pics got mouth
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    Og raskal variouspics

    nice phenos
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