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  1. dubble bubble

    Meanwhile, back at The Ranch... the hunt was on fer Aliens and other exotic creatures of loveliness

    Thats some other shit. hopefully something funky does come of it though! Looks goood! Looks can always be deceiving though
  2. dubble bubble

    Uprising Og TLO !!!

    its probably pretty stable or they wouldnt have used it in most of their strains. i think were all gonna find some really unique phenos in these packs though
  3. dubble bubble

    check out this guy.

    thats so fuckin cool
  4. dubble bubble

    Godfather OG test run

    Im with this guy^^^
  5. dubble bubble

    Seeds and Smoke-able plant?

    to put it very simply, yes. yes you can. just make sure theres over a month of flowering time left.
  6. dubble bubble

    Hello Sayonara!!

    thanks so much! please do, im sure theres plenty in store!
  7. dubble bubble

    Hello Sayonara!!

    OW!! your posts can be fucking priceless!!! love it man
  8. dubble bubble

    HI there! I am the creator of OBAMANATOR.

    lets see some pics! always interested in new genetics:D
  9. dubble bubble

    Hello Sayonara!!

    Cant begin to thank these guys enough for affording so many farmers with testers. Ill do my best to get you every little detail youre looking for! the seeds are soaking in distilled water as we speak, tomorrow theyll go in some epsoma seedling mix and under t5s. pretty stoked about these as ive...
  10. dubble bubble

    Paranoia is in bloom, Blue Dream Uprising Medusa

    sounds really tasty! its gonna be fun to watch so many uprsisng og xs at one time! thanks for sharing:D
  11. dubble bubble

    Testers Wanted

    Hells yeah! I got Sayonara! Germing, gonna start a log later tonight.
  12. dubble bubble


    sounds like ya got it covered
  13. dubble bubble

    Adding UVB lighting to Hps/MH

    agreed! lets see some results! maybe ill do a side by side with and without in a month or two...
  14. dubble bubble

    Adding UVB lighting to Hps/MH

    Never knocked uvb bulbs. Im actually all over the forum advocating em. But I only have experience with the t5s. And I really cant afford much more heat in my garden. Definitely looking forward to seeing some results with these though
  15. dubble bubble

    Testers Wanted

    luckies!!! still waiting o_O magic is basically the coolest.
  16. dubble bubble

    outwest Gardens

    too early for me to be drooling bro!
  17. dubble bubble

    Classic Remix flirtin with a room full of ladies

    sounds like a nice little sexy party! im pretty envious of your patience. so many multi strain grows here at the farm
  18. dubble bubble

    Best way to be legal in Cali?

    :confused: learned alot of frustrating things in this thread! thanks Sea! as usual your posts have delivered a wealth of knowledge!
  19. dubble bubble

    Hemp in Colorado

    that pollens definitely still flying. steer super fuckin clear of any railroad tracks thats for sure
  20. dubble bubble

    SoSer ..... Mr Mojo Uprising ......

    nice!! expecting my package today, pretty stoked! that is some really nice packaging.... im stoked about all these gdp x's that have been released lately! glad to see you spreading your roots with the resistance!!
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