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  1. GNick55

    Let's play Name That Leaf Issue.

    if you get rid of it, don’t be surprised if you see it with extreme low humidity like below 40 too. it can survive for a long time all it needs is a small piece of dead plant material to survive and later pop up when conditions are right..
  2. GNick55

    Last week on veg or should I go another week

    ya i think your good, plants look healthy! as long as you got say 2 ft of room to raise the lights as they grow/stretch.. your canopy should end up pretty full/filled in, you may need to raise your netting or add another or not..
  3. GNick55

    Boveda Humidity Packs or Boost?

    didn’t know about those, but they are more for jars on display to keep out harmful rays
  4. GNick55

    Let's play Name That Leaf Issue.

    can we get some more pictures of the plants.. how bad do you see the wpm?
  5. GNick55

    Boveda Humidity Packs or Boost?

    integra boost? i didn’t like them, boveda better.
  6. GNick55

    Any idea what is wrong with my plants?

    so smaller than a 2 gallon, mmm you shouldn’t transplant autoflowers is what i hear, if someone says you can than i’d do it. the nighttime temp, is about the lowest you can go from your day temp, but i’d try to get it closer to 70, humidity is good.. the leaves “praying” is a good thing, they...
  7. GNick55

    Weird looking leaf folding and cuts

    take what i say with a grain of salt, haha. i don’t know coco to well.. but answering this thread will help get you some answers. did you “wash” the coco before using? temps, humidity?
  8. GNick55

    Is she sick or just cold?

    well look at it like this, a healthy plant should grow up to 2 inches a day, best case scenario.. if it’s not growing much, than something is off, like temp, humidity, airflow, big enough pot?, roots having a wet /cycle,..etc..
  9. GNick55

    Is she sick or just cold?

    well ya kinda, you could keep her in veg for years and take clones off her.. just try to get two months veg, the thing is usually the space available? as most plants will! double in size, height and width.. so you know.,
  10. GNick55

    Node growing at sex site of plant

    the plant needs to be in veg around two months to show the sex.. 4 weeks from seed? or from 5/7 bladed leaves? anyways a little longer in veg and eventually it will show it’s sexual gender..
  11. GNick55

    Is she sick or just cold?

    is this an auto flower or regular photo period? if it’s an auto flower i’d suggest just letting her do her thing, if not you can do what you want as long as it’s in the vegetative stage 18/6.. understand?
  12. GNick55

    Is she sick or just cold?

    she is showing her sexual gender.. meaning she’s getting mature and ready for flowering..
  13. GNick55

    Any idea what is wrong with my plants?

    ok good, i’ll look a little closer tomorrow, without re reading the thread what size pots are they in? just a guess but maybe they are getting close to being root bound? anyways good job so far!
  14. GNick55

    Growing for the 1st time

    hey it’s working!
  15. GNick55


    it happens.. maybe whorled leaf pattern.. you’ll have to look it up, your fine though, probably have lots of branches..
  16. GNick55

    Growing for the 1st time

    looks fine
  17. GNick55

    Clones with problems. Can anyone help

    haha, well he did it!, it wasn’t looking good and i think he’s a first time grower? but it all came through in less than 5 months, so excellent recovery, fantastic job!
  18. GNick55

    Cookies strain yellowing on leaf

    ok, with those pics it seems things are better? watch the new growth, look for things that don’t look right, odd bladed leaves.. etc.. anything you wanted ask?
  19. GNick55

    Bud site growth light in color?

    your fine
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