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  1. opt1c

    Sour Strawberry Kush - Harvest Shots and Macros

    they weren't anything crazy... prob 60s... it only tested at 13% thc... all looks no substance sadly
  2. opt1c

    Fastest Clone Time - Explain your Method

    thanks; i used to run a 1/10hp chiller on my cloner; used to dip in ez-clone/rootech/dipngrow etc... just snip no dip and tap water with some goodies; oh yeah... i ph to 5.8 as well... better and faster results without the extra work... used to do 30 on 30 off but i found 20 on 20 off to work...
  3. opt1c

    Fastest Clone Time - Explain your Method

    mother plant as nutes for the moms; ez120 with a 20on 20 off cycle; no dipping just snip and into the machine; tap water with 100ml aquashield and 15ml power clone liquid
  4. opt1c

    Is there any benefits in using Cannazym and DM Gold Range Zone? Can they be mixed?

    cannazym has a shelf life; copper sulfate inhibits and degrades enzymes; zone has chloramine, have you ever smelled that shit? but if you want to believe a troll with zero pics of his garden and a whole 20 posts to his name be my guest... anyone who has been around these boards for a min knows i...
  5. opt1c

    Is there any benefits in using Cannazym and DM Gold Range Zone? Can they be mixed?

    zone is a chloromine derivative with copper sulfate; there was a test done before where zone+cannazyme did nothing and cannazyme alone ate through a piece of paper... but what would i know about dm products
  6. opt1c

    Is there any benefits in using Cannazym and DM Gold Range Zone? Can they be mixed?

    no waste of money; zone kills whatever is alive in the cannazyme
  7. opt1c

    Any cartomizers compatible with Omicron?

    i prefer to not mix anything with my oils... if you're looking for a smoother hit try a higher resistance cart... something like 2.4-2.8ohm so the one you are looking at should work; i make vape pens that go by the name ninja pen btw... for my 510s i use kanger carts with the cotton removed...
  8. opt1c

    Is rhizotonic compatable with zone & H2o2?

    i heard zone is chloramine in a small enough dose not to hurt the roots but strong enough to kill all microbial life.... what city's put into their water supplies you need a special filter on your ro unit to take out you then put back in without everything else.... i think uc roots probably...
  9. opt1c

    Soul Crushing Virus

    be concise and to the point; took forever to find some description of what was actually happening; pictures are worth a thousand words... just say a friend of a friend sent u one of a friends garden; u just need to show a leaf or a plant; not the entire setup that being said it sounds like you...
  10. opt1c

    best AC for flower room window ac or/mini split

    i don't know much bout electricity but i do know when you double the size of your breaker and then run it at max capacity those wires get hot and this is one of the main reasons growers burn their spots to the ground... maybe you're in a newer house but i've been in houses with cloth insulated...
  11. opt1c

    Ionized Water SCAMS

    snake oil in a bottle..... wouldn't be the first time
  12. opt1c

    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    forum equals purps.... thin mints stays green.... lotta stoners were handing out cuts originally... big big always 24/7 stoned stoners... not a stretch to think one of the cuts might have been mislabeled
  13. opt1c

    2013 vegetable garden thread...

    Beautiful garden man; lookin on point right there
  14. opt1c

    I want to turn weed into a liquid capable of smoking from an e-cig, can anyone help me please?

    if you have the right ecig carts you can put straight oil in em no prob... i got the hook on 510 dual horizontial coil carts if you're interested... my day job is making vape pens.... u can cut your oil with glycol but i like the ease of using it straight as it's easier when refilling time comes
  15. opt1c

    Is rhizotonic compatable with zone & H2o2?

    cheap air stones; 6 sites.... stock air pump it came with; i cut lines and tossed the root mass when i was done
  16. opt1c

    Garden of Dreams Strain List and Descriptions

    30. Pre 98 bubba kush Genetics: F1 Kush Effect: Strong narcotic Indica - Great for sleeping and body pain. Taste: Coffee Earthy Flowering indoor: 7-8 weeks, with a yield of 700 to 800 gr / sqm Flowering outdoor: End of October 32. OGR WiFi............... ya'll know 33. Trichomesauras White...
  17. opt1c

    Garden of Dreams Strain List and Descriptions

    28. Mowie Wowie Classification: Mostly Sativa Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor Flowering Time: 8 - 10 weeks (indoor) or late-September to early-October (outdoor) Yield:Moderate THC Range: 8 - 15% Medical Uses: Depression, migraines, arthritis, glaucoma This F1 hybrid comes to us from the...
  18. opt1c

    Garden of Dreams Strain List and Descriptions

    29.Cherry pie. (OG Kush x GDP x Durban Poison) F1 x Durban Poison x Grand Daddy Purple. The pheno we are using is a durban and Og dominant, Stacks very well and strech is minimal, this is a 8 week plant with medium yields. 20. Mr. Nice G-13 X Hashplant Flowering: 60 days Mr. Nice was named in...
  19. opt1c

    Garden of Dreams Strain List and Descriptions

    13.Space Queen Space Queen was the only reason I invested in C99 in the first place. Ever since I heard the description of Soul's princess I knew her and romulan would be the perfect match. Then prototype crosses between P75 and romberry started pumping out the winners that have found keeper...
  20. opt1c

    Garden of Dreams Strain List and Descriptions

    8. Killing Fields The Killing Fields name originated from the expectation that this strain will yield fields of killer big buds. This strain was developed in order to infuse Sannie's Jack with sweetness, spice, and a kick, while shortening the flowering time. The mother combines a Blueberry...
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