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    Please vote to tell NorCal it's not ok to override state law

    Unfortunately, we have a lot of retirees in the north valley... Lots of banning/severely limiting legal rights (and a people's mandate, I might add) of 215s... and you'd think the threat of legal action in this economy might mean something....:sign0065: Please vote to bring their poll back to...
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    Rainwater Warning!

    MM scrapiron! GreenShadows is correct: our girls were moved during mid-veg, stayed longer than planned in cold trailer, accidentally burned by a falling light (no breakage or major damage), and got a little dry/warm when a vent failed but have come back WAY better than either of us had...
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    My first indoor grow

    Thanks for sharing bk! We are lucky to have tons of built-in storage (brick with wooden bench top lids) and plenty of outlets so we have a nursery for our clones. :)
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    Hello from north cali valley!

    estado de jefferson ¡Buena conjetura! ¿S Yolla Bolly-ish… y usted mismo? Thanks for the warm welcome! :passingjoint: y
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    Hello from north cali valley!

    New to the area and the board! Glad for both! Wishing everyone a happy holiday season! y :sun
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    More legal persecution in N Cali

    It's sad when this story has more coverage in the editorial letters rather than the front page... original letter dated 25 June 09 highlighting the problem that the local police chief seems to be circumventing the 4th amendment... 30 June 09 response from elderly shut-in defending police...
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    Fear and loathing in Nevada City, CA

    Guess we'll being seeing this in court... Nevada City Medical Marijuana Dispensary Draft Ordinance. 'insane in the membrane...' LOL
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