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  1. Lordly

    first organic grow,need advise

    i found this guy check it out,this guy is mixing dr. earth products with soil and he is also topdressing from time to time,it works perfectly for me. also im using real growers recharge up to the week 3 of flowering,it does great...
  2. Lordly

    Getting close?

  3. Lordly

    Getting close?

    i see there nute burn,so i would check runoff PPM and then decide what to do. if she wasnt nute burned,i would use nutes every other watering till flush, if you are not going to flush, use nutes till chop. imo she has 1 month for sure as zybil said or even more. dont cut any leaves,its small...
  4. Lordly

    Have i killed my plant.

    she is just topped,dont worry,if not wind,it would be your job to do so 😄✌ happy growing
  5. Lordly


    its female, i see white pistils,no balls.
  6. Lordly

    HELP.. Is my B plant the only male out of the four.

    B plant is a male
  7. Lordly

    Male or female?

    i see balls there and also white pistils,so she hermed. anyway, as cubbie said, get rid of it.
  8. Lordly

    First outdoor grow. Week 5. Looking okay?

    i see only 5 nodes,unfortunately they are way smaller for week 4-5,also they started flowering,it means she should strech at this stage and become much taller and stronger. just let her grow(for fun),dont do any training to her anymore and see what she will become. i would start new seeds in...
  9. Lordly

    Can you guys tell me?

    its a male
  10. Lordly

    Male or female?

  11. Lordly

    Male or female?

    female, white hair came out
  12. Lordly

    Male or female ? Help

    its early to say, check these pics and youll get it, first one is female, second one is male
  13. Lordly

    Newbie and all

    welcome and happy growing 💚
  14. Lordly

    Whats going on here. Is this an issue, or not. read this
  15. Lordly

    Growth Hormones for flowering stage.

    where is final result? 🤔
  16. Lordly

    gelato update flowering

    haha,thanks for sharing your style,enjoy your girls,keep going and happy growing 💚💜
  17. Lordly

    gelato update flowering

    hello,really nice buds 💚 did you weigh dry buds ?
  18. Lordly

    Why is it wrong to spray healthy plants?

    spray leaves right away when light turns off to avoid burn and also you have like 20min before pores will be closed. im spraying my plants every single day in veg, leaves will become thick and juicy. also foliar spray delivers nutrients much faster than feeding from soil. so if your plants have...
  19. Lordly

    What's up my fellow greenthumbians!!

    welcome 💚💜
  20. Lordly

    Is this light good ? Mars ts

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