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    A New Way To Mix

    A bazillion threads on Cannas Rhizotonic. Everyone has used it. As a root promoter for already young barely rooted a foliar (awesome as well) and as a transplant solution they dont skip a beat. The shit is pricey as all get out. So I only use it in early veg..after cuts are rooted and...
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    High Times Freedom Fighters

    Anyone of ya older heads familiar with the early High Times Freedom Fighters??? Back around 1988 - 1991??. We used to dress up in colonial American garb with tri cornered hats at the Ann Arbor Hash Bash. I was just 15 or 16 at the time but was really into it. High Times would come outta NewYork...
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    Regular Aphids

    Like the title says...i have regualr aphids. All the posts on all the forums are for root aphids. I dont have root aphids. Just regular (if there is such a thing). I know NOTHING about this pest. I let about 16 plants of various strains stay outside to get free veg light earlier in the season...
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    Og Kush Genome Project

    As the title says...does anyone know what became of it? Results? Current status?
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    Cat Keeps Drinking My Nutes.

    Yes its true. My cat has been going in my my clone nursery as i keep my door slightly cracked to help with air circulation He has been going in there and lapping up the really mild bucket for young just rooted clones. Its a very mild solution of canna a &b with mild humic...silica. and rooting...
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    Digital Footcandle Meter

    I know PAR meters are much more ideal for measuring light but beyond what iam willing to pay. They are pricey. Anyways i got a digital footcandle meter just to measure how much light my canopy recieves. Iam used to lumens so does anyone know what the conversion is from footcandles to lumens? Is...
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    Med Man Rks

    Whats the story on roadkill sk u k #3? Any one found the pheno? How many seeds did ya have to run to get it ? Sounds interesting. I can make (and so can you) any strain smell god awful skunk butt funky with some cold air and dried in a bag...but thats just being in my ride or on me and going...
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    Canna Brick Coco

    I use to use Readygro Moisture loose bag coir. Been using the Canna brick lately. Its just as good as loose Canna or Readygro but much cheaper. But lately ive been having a few problems. Ive been rehydrating the bricks rite in the bag with either cns 17 or Ionic grow at about 1.2 ec (this is...
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    New Guy

    Hello. Iam not new. Just new register. Its been awhile. Got a new phone and e mail so i registered again. Forgot all the old info. Anyways...old handle was Shoestring.
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