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    Google Earth

    Just ran over it : Can it be Shanti?
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    greetings to you all

    Welcome! Yeah! I love the New Damprkring in Haarlemstraat. But I miss the old pan cakes filled with cranberries.... But allways top weed:yes
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    Explain your user handle...

    Coz I am Mr B. B is for a well known city on the west coast of No. Most peeps know me by that name, all my friends call me it or they call me by a famous rap dou. Hint; they have an album called "Paid in full" If you know it. Don't post it up here. (security reasons)
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    Cannabiscup2008 what R u doing? & what R your smoking??

    Man, all of you have a nice cup event there!!! Wich I could go too :(
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    Fancy a splash

    By seeing that clip i got over the "skiing on the underground" :D
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    When Friends Need Pro Help

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    When Friends Need Pro Help

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    When Friends Need Pro Help

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    When Friends Need Pro Help

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    When Friends Need Pro Help

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    When Friends Need Pro Help

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    Heia Norge

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    Do 'You' Flush In Hydro?

    Yes! My firts runs was with GHE products the last hydro crops I've used AN But AN and GH(E) has the same three part grow micro bloom..
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    Do 'You' Flush In Hydro?

    While I did hydro, I flushed for 2 weeks allways..
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    whats in your freezer

    Hmmmm.. LA Confidential Cannalope Haze Recon Kushberry Sweet Timer Purple Wreck Pondo Swasi Martian Mean Green x G13Haze Mk Ultra Burmese Kush Kushage Heavy Duty Fruity Ice Sam's Origninal T Haze x Skunk#1 Double Strawberry Diesel OGKA x Sour Diesel IBL Snowdog x Sour Diesel IBL Snowdog BXI...
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    2008 Hightimes cup??

    I'm thinking of it, but not sure..
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    Guanokalong Extract

    There are no Guanokalong Liquid in my country that I know of, but we have the No Mercy Guano Liquid with 1lt - 100lt of feed. So 10ml thats 100ml on 10lt
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    What are you listening to right now?
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    Amir Khan vs Breidis Prescott

    The clipp is out on youtube now. Just saw it!! KO!!!!!
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    water curring? what do you mean by water curring?
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