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  1. guymandude

    Possible to change nutrients completely?

    you'll have to be sure to check the ph of the nute solution and adjust after mixing the AN with the biobizz, since AN base nutes are all pH perfect......
  2. guymandude

    You ever seen an organic pound scrogged off one plant?

    subscribed. rock it out!
  3. guymandude

    Gmd's Freaky Grow Dungeon

    I've been tokin on some Pineapple Garlic this week. I think it's from the west coast. I grabbed a fat sack from a good friend. Tastes like the west coast anyway. Phenomenal smoke. Reminds me a little of the iCookies in buzz. We smoked a J of the PG last night then after an hour smoked some...
  4. guymandude

    Looking at the Organic AN Nute line

    Hey anyone here have any experience using the Organic AN line? Before y'all start flaming up and getting your buttholes all puckered up, I don't want to hear how much you hate AN. ok? go somewhere else. Been using AN for years and i like it. so, I am thinking of trying their organic line...
  5. guymandude

    Possible to change nutrients completely?

    AN has a newer organic line of nutes - Iguana Juice, i think it's called. I'm thinking of trying it. Hows Biobizz working for ya?
  6. guymandude

    Gmd's Freaky Grow Dungeon

    hey thanks. they haven't popped yet. I'll be moving them to a warmer area today. fingers crossed here's some shots of an MK Ultra I harvested last week. Such a great strain. The flavfor is fruity with some lemon citrus. The buzz is fun, weird, and melllows into a beautiful stone after a while...
  7. guymandude

    Gmd's Freaky Grow Dungeon

    i have some new babies here at the Freakshow. I have 3 1988G13Hashplant above ground from seed. Still waiting on the PacAir G13 to pop and 3 Chocolope too. I'll be dropping 3 more Pac Air G13 into starter plugs today..... my last 3. wish me luck
  8. guymandude

    Which LED's to buy

    ok, for y'all wanting cheap as hell LED's, keep in mind yo get what you pay for. I bought a Mars Hydro light for the veg room about 6 months ago. Before this I had an Apollo 8 from china. The Mars Hydro does not come anywhere close to the Apollo 8 light. The Mars Hydro was about $150, The Apollo...
  9. guymandude

    Aquaman goes COCO. (Mother hunt)

    my chocolate lab ate a batch of butter i burnt a bit on the stove. It was smoking so i tossed it into a snow drift off my back porch to get it out of the house. Well, my lab found it and ate it. She was basically totally blasted, threw up, had trouble walking , etc, for 3 days. But she kept...
  10. guymandude

    Stop Chronic Overfeeding, and some tips with canna coco

    Hi, I'm GMD, and I am chronic overfeeder. Been doing the same with AN since the changed the formula to pH perfect. Getting great results now though, now that i finally figured out what the damn problem was. Don't know much about Canna nutes, but wanted ot let you know you are not alone....
  11. guymandude

    Switching from fox farms trio to house and garden nutrients

    why switch? I've done some fantastic grows with Fox Farms. Me, personally, would finish this grow and then start the next with the new stuff.
  12. guymandude

    Aquaman gets dirty

    if you're using raw kelp wouldn't you need a bacterial/myco/ something to break it down so the plant can utilize those nutrients?
  13. guymandude

    Gmd's Freaky Grow Dungeon

    ok so in the interest of comparison, I ordered some Voodoo Juice and Piranha. The Mykos and AZOS have improved rooted growth in most of my plants, some strains reacted very very well. That being said, it did not improve root growth in all of my plants. So, I decided to give these a try. I'm...
  14. guymandude

    Which LED's to buy

    who are you asking, my friend??
  15. guymandude

    Freakshow and The Motherfuckers perpetual grow

    that is a beautiful Freak, my friend . Can;t wait to see how she turns out
  16. guymandude

    my weed has no aroma /please help me

    in my experience, overfeeding can be a huge problem with terpene development. I have had plants that literally smelled like they were sprayed with lady's perfume because of this. try dialing back your nutes until your plants ask to be fed, instead of pounding with heavy feedings in flower. I'm...
  17. guymandude

    Gmd's Freaky Grow Dungeon

    in doing some research, I found a very nice study conducted using AN's Voodoo Juice, Piranha, and Tarantula (root inoculants). The study was conducted by a University in Bulgaria, by sciency kinda folks, on Poinsettias, which is not cannabis but it is a pretty flowery kinda plant...
  18. guymandude

    Purple Urkle in Coco / 640w Mammoth 8 bar

    looks like that <a,,oth LED is kicking some ass in yoru garden. Nice growing, my friend.
  19. guymandude

    Gmd's Freaky Grow Dungeon

    this fruity pebbles og girl is doing very well. She's frosty and at 7 weeks might only have another week to go. I checked trichs last night while flushing her and there's some clear still so we'll see how that progresses in the next week or so. A couple places mentioned she likes to go 8-9...
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