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  1. All4freedumb

    Pipe Configuration?

    I have always put mine so the direction of water is flowing into the long tapered end facing down.
  2. All4freedumb

    Need The Blue Bucket (current Culture) Epicenter!!

    Yes, I have a few. 8 gal and 13 gal. Sorry, I just saw this
  3. All4freedumb

    Hi My Name Is Event... Im New !

    What up Sixstring! Hope all is good with you. Still banging away..
  4. All4freedumb

    A Priest's Journey.

    I killed it in the UC with my old NYSD cut. Man I miss her!! Looking great!
  5. All4freedumb

    Started A Cmh Grow With 12 27 Gal Sites.

    Nice set up! I look forward to the jungle
  6. All4freedumb

    Could Air Stones Be Doing More Harm Than Good?

    I have ran my water 70-72 with success, I hit 75 and started to see issues with bigger plants. When issues hit they ran fast with higher Temps but can be done IMHO. How often are you changing your water? When you do your mod's think about reversing the flow of the UC as well, pulling from the...
  7. All4freedumb

    Could Air Stones Be Doing More Harm Than Good?

    I've had several successful runs without them.. No need, esspecially with the waterfall effect in each module...
  8. All4freedumb

    Could Air Stones Be Doing More Harm Than Good?

    I agree.. I've been without airstones for a few years. I run a top feed to each site directly from my chiller, creating that waterfall effect. I did a thread showing this a few years ago when I had two identical rooms doing some testing. I've never looked back...
  9. All4freedumb

    Top Off Res Smell/stuff On Sides Of Tank

    30 ppm is some low ppm for city tap. I wish my filter only had to do that work. I'm around 350 - 380 ppm where I have city water... My spot that runs off mountain water sits between 50-80 ppm and I have the same issues as you. It might be worth having an analysis ran on your water. It also might...
  10. All4freedumb

    Top Off Res Smell/stuff On Sides Of Tank

    Are you running well water? One of the places I run in is off of well water. I noticed that if I leave water, even with air in it, sitting I will have growth within 24 hours. Even if I can't see or smell anything if I dip something in the water it will come out slimy. I found that running a...
  11. All4freedumb

    Anyone Try De Bulbs With Their Uc?

  12. All4freedumb

    Root Problems

    How's your air supply in each module, are your stones still pumping good? Are you running city or well water? CC still sells UC Roots, I'd give them a call and have some shipped out asap. What's your EC at and does it seem to happen about the same week of the grow or does it run wild as it chooses?
  13. All4freedumb

    Need Help With Setting Up New Under Current 13 Gal Xxl System And 8 Gal Xl Systems

    What's up Farmer! Congratulations on your new adventure, it sounds like you have a big one on your hands... I would definitely listen to CCH2O guys on this build out as they have seen many build outs. I'm not sure as to why you don't have an ac to run, maybe seasonal or the area you're in, but...
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    Anyone Try De Bulbs With Their Uc?

    Yes you will get the same penetration. Gavitas and similar Lighting systems operate differently than standard bulbs and setups. For example when running 1000 watt Gavitas over my plants I keep them 36 inches minimum from the top of my canopy. It's a different lighting game when running the...
  15. All4freedumb

    Anyone Try De Bulbs With Their Uc?

    I have ran de bulbs and loved them and would recommend them over the UC for sure. Imo 10ft ceilings for 1000 watt bulbs for best results. I haven't ran 600s but 8ft ceilings might be fine, I'd check with the company or maybe other farmers that have used 600s will chime in. Also the footprint for...
  16. All4freedumb

    Multiple Strains On The Same Uc?

    From my experience it's not the feeding schedule of multiple strains in a single UC that is the hardest part of pulling a successful harvest. Although to dial in and have as close to a perfect run getting to know a single strain and her desirables in a feeding schedule is optimal. Seeing that in...
  17. All4freedumb

    Water Chiller And Bennies

    I wish I could share it. I pick mine up from a friend that brews a couple hundred gallons every week. He sales his so he won't give up the recipe. He gifts is to me but won't give it up.. Sorry man. Have you taken a look at Caps bennies?
  18. All4freedumb

    IBA in VEG with UC Roots

    Hortus IBA check out their site. Water soluble IBA is the key from my readings. I started to use this product in a side by side and got siderailed... What do you guys think...
  19. All4freedumb

    Help Plants Getting Worse 18 Bucket Uc

    Get that intake up as high as you can, above lights. Heat rises and humidity drops that might help keep some humidity in. I would not recommend misting with lights on... What size is your room? If you only have one duct putting your air in the room I would have it on one side of the room and...
  20. All4freedumb

    Help Plants Getting Worse 18 Bucket Uc

    If your water is 100ppm now and you add 150ppm of nutes and Cal Mag you should be at 250ppm. I would try to add humidity to your room. I know it's tough with an ac that kicks on continuously. It's all about proper placement the humidifiers and ac intake and then finding a happy medium. Is your...
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