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  1. linde

    For Sale Purple punch and La Kush Cake

    I agree. the stuff isn't worth the time of day. wouldn't want them for free.
  2. linde

    Male plan? Around Week ten

    id wait a couple more days. not sure if male yet according to the pics.
  3. linde

    Are these buds almost ready?

    yup check back in a week. nice looking stuff!
  4. linde

    I'm not sure if my plants are ready (Urgent)

    definitely start flushing.
  5. linde

    I'm not sure if my plants are ready (Urgent)

    dont always judge harvest time by pistol color. some strains are ready while still having 10% white hairs. once trichomes start to amber they go quick. real easy to over ripen and wreck your hard earned work. I see it happen every single day on this site. EVERY SINGLE DAY. YA wait another...
  6. linde

    To water or not to water? Please help!

    The only plants u let get bone dry are succulents. Cannabis isn't a succulent. Don't ever let them dry out. and all of that stick your finger 2" dry stuff is a bunch of shit! dry soil=stunted plants. when I miss a plant or two watering they are always the stunted ones. every time...
  7. linde

    Need help with my Critical Purple auto it's doing some weird stuff.....

    yikes better luck next time.
  8. linde


    glad the see somebody using some pine tar kush for pollinating. Some good old school flavor IBL smoke instead of all this Tootie fruity glamour cookie fag weed. I bet its tasty as hell!
  9. linde

    Slightly harsh in back of throat

    Molasses isn't meant to be burned. That's what you are tasting. It is simply not needed. The more crap u put in the soil the worse your dope will taste. Less is more with cannabis.
  10. linde

    My clone is dying help!!!

    be careful not to over do the calmag. it can really screw with your ph which will lead to lockout of nutrients.
  11. linde

    Can anyone help diagnose a sick plant please

    straighten out your ph before anything else.
  12. linde

    Can anyone help diagnose a sick plant please

    it's hard to tell. I would start by a good high ph flush or two and go from there.
  13. linde

    CalMag deficiency and bad PH?

    nitro is probably locked out and lowering your ph. I would flush 7.5-8 ph water a couple times through them. ya and water those plants more. ditch the cal mag.
  14. linde

    Plant looks almost ready 4 weeks into flower

    harvest before Amber if u don't want couch lock. all milky is a tastier more lively smoke. I harvest when i see the very first sign of amber. no later. degrades fast at that point.
  15. linde

    HELP! Can Hydrogen Peroxide Kill mould late in Flower???

    yes hydrogen peroxide will kill mold. put straight peroxide on a q-tip and dap the mold. it will foam up like an infected cut. burns the mold right off of your plant.
  16. linde

    How to stabilise an ibl?

    an ibl should already be stabilized. if you're trying to isolate a certain pheno pick the best male to pollinate your girls. reveg your favorite female plant. take seeds off of that plant and grow out. pick the best male and pollinate back with the original female plant mother...
  17. linde

    Unexpected early blooms, causes, reversible or just go with it?

    yup autoflower. find a new seed bank.
  18. linde

    Help i cant figure out whats going on

    ph way too high. stop the cal/mag until you buy some ph down.
  19. linde

    Flowering, leaves tilting up Normal/Problem?

    it means your plant is happy. keep doing what you are doing.
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