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  1. Jrmy911

    Kingbrite review

    KingBrite has been fairly honest. They say top bin but then post SK which is 2nd to top. No idea how anybody could say the diodes in their boards are lower/mixed bin because you'd have to pull out and test each diode individually at 25degC and 65mA then test luminous flux to bin them....I've...
  2. Jrmy911

    Kingbrite review

    I've noticed some of these Chinese companies say they use top bin diodes but they don't. SL is top bin in 80CRI 3500k diodes but they could use inferior and there's no way to know. I think KingBrite uses SK for instance which is one bin below top. What does this mean you ask? It means that...
  3. Jrmy911

    Alternative To Hydroguard?

    Sorry to revive, but good info. Looks to be about 2500x more concentrated than hydroguard. Just picked some up.
  4. Jrmy911

    Help with cloning

    Make sure water is ph'd correctly w/ minimal nutes, e.g. half of week 1 veg maybe 200ppm or so. PH will climb over time. I use aero cloner and keep pH between 5-6.
  5. Jrmy911

    So Many Please

    Any updates? How'd it go?
  6. Jrmy911

    full MEGAcrop line review and fertilizer debate

    I've used it in soil with great results, no additional boosters needed although I also used PK boost in flower. I mix up with pH ~8.2 tap water and comes out around pH 6.2-6.5 when done (this is mid/late flower concentration). Following day or two the mix seems to rise to pH 7-7.2ish, this is...
  7. Jrmy911

    1st grow journal* 2nd grow* Ethos Genetics~ Inzane in the membrane

    Any updates???
  8. Jrmy911

    4 Ethos DWC Flowering Journal... Share your wisdom guys.

    Any updates? How's the yield? What's flavor and strength?
  9. Jrmy911

    How To Use Uvc Light To Treat Powdery Mildew- Please Help!

    Watched some vids by Cornell and they found PM cures itself during day but at night turns off healing processes to repair UV damage and that's when they are suseptible. Many videos of commercial grows using UV light to fight previously stated concentration and time are what is...
  10. Jrmy911

    Run Off Issues

    Also interested, having exact same issues in FF Coco Loco during 5-6wk veg. No CO2, though, and have ventilation. My pH in runoff is dropping a bit, 6.2 to 6.0 or 5.8, but not that much. TDS is 2500 to 3000 (0.5 scale).
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