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  1. Kendo

    Seeking Mesh Sock Product For Aact

    Greetings brothers and sisters. I am seeking any products the farmers have found that I can use for large scale AACT applications of 1,000 gallons per run. I have considered using 5 gallon bubble bags but would lve to use something designed for the specific application.. Any input is greatly...
  2. Kendo

    Back With A Plan And Huge Changes Since I Last Posted At The Farmer.

    It has been a little over a year since I last posted at the Farmer and I am ecstatic to tell you that Kendo Farms is now a reality in the great recreational state of Oregon. LONG hours and tons of Hard work saw the first farm created and set to go online outdoors in March of next year...
  3. Kendo

    Less Is More: With Kendo Green Wizard

    Greetings my friends, the strongest of Kendo hugs. Lots of new things happening here at Kendo labs that are taking us in new directions, one of these new directions we chose is less wattage. I had used pretty much every type of light besides LED and had been successful with 99% of them...
  4. Kendo

    Busy As All Hell

    Well Oregon legal has gotten me so busy I can barely even find time to eat right. On top of that it has been a really tough few months. My Mother passed away in Apr, :( and I came home to a russet/spider mite invasion, and a mixup of all my strains. UGHHH! It took me a minute to get some steam...
  5. Kendo

    Working Together We Can Be Successful With Oregon Legalization

    With Big Business putting the big bucks into it how can we as Oregonians work together to make our new legal ventures a success? What will it take to create the platform to propel ourselves into this new emerging market? IMHO working together we can make ALL the difference in the face of so...
  6. Kendo

    Happy Birthday Bro

    Hope you have a great one today. Strong Kendo huggs and much love to you and yours.
  7. Kendo

    Kendo Purps.

    I have been popping a lot of Beans over the last year, dropping 60 today as a matter of fact. I had thought these Mendo purps X Ghurple haze beans were created by he Mendo blowing balls and pollinating the Ghurple. After consulting my grow journal from that era I found that I had actually...
  8. Kendo

    Zackafalakis Smokes Weed Like A Boss On National Tv

    I have watched this a dozen times now. I love this guy.
  9. Kendo

    Ghosts In My Ganja, Yes I Said It. A Must Read.

    This is the first installment in my series of articles entitled; The Incredible Trials and Tribulations of a Canna-consultant In this series I will highlight the misconceptions, misinformation, attitudes, and just plain old out in left field things that make canna-consulting a breed all unto...
  10. Kendo

    Here We Go Oregon, Measure 91 Passes

    For all intents it appears that measure 91 passed yesterday. What are your plans from here on out. I am gonna hit the ground running. time to grab the iron folks, it's hot!
  11. Kendo

    Friday night lights

    It's the start of High school football season tonight, I am excited and really pumped about the local teams chances. My youngest son has improved exponentially in strength and endurance having worked out with his team everyday since the end of last season. He has gained a bit of speed over last...
  12. Kendo

    30th annual Reggae on the River in Humboldt

    This year will mark my 15th pilgrimage to this event. I am so excited to be working the parking crew again, welcoming the pilgrimage w/ love and friendship. Taking my oldest son for the first time. He is ready to accept the way. He has been growing out of the teen angst, selfish ways into a...
  13. Kendo

    I recently began running the Oregon cannabis institute

    The seminar covers legal aspects, accounting, insurance, testing, tracking, and many other areas surrounding opening a dispensary as well as cultivation and concentrates. Still have to get a few things like twitter and google voice ported over but am gonna be doing the do Aug 16th and 17th in...
  14. Kendo

    Happy 420 my friends

    I have been blazing since 4:20 AM. Should be napping about noon LOL I hope every body has a fantastic 420 and gets high as 3 fucks OOOOROOOOOT!!!!!!
  15. Kendo

    Time to Beat the drum

    There are numerous Op-Ed articles surfacing throughout Oregon is regards to Dispensaries and the ridiculous Reefer Madness propaganda machine. We must counter the push. The focus is Kids, dropouts, gateway drugs, ER visitss. Respond to these articles with FACTS. My favorite response for The...
  16. Kendo

    Manty pads!! Are you F'n KIDDIN ME!!!!!!!

    I saw the ads a long time ago with My buddy Tony Siragusa. I laughed my ass off, I mean that's just one funny ass joke...Or is it??? No!!! My wife was telling me this morning about how the men's toilets keep getting clogged at the restaurant where she works. She figured out that it is old...
  17. Kendo

    Dynamic or static? How do you roll in life?

    Some people stay in the niche they choose for life, (Static) others change themselves to suit themselves on a constant basis.(dynamic) I read long ago that many successful people reinvent themselves on average every 7 years. When I read this I thought to myself," that must be hard" At the time...
  18. Kendo

    Pimpin"aint easy" but growin is Mutha F***er

    How many can picture a new jack kid sayin , " Check this player. I could grow,that shits looks easy yo" I know most of you have heard it in one form or another. Most of us have been Ninja warriors for so long we do pretty much everything on our own. From scrubbing pots/containers/rooms/...
  19. Kendo

    Any graphic artists in the house?

    I hope i am not oversteppin any boundaries here. I need some graphics art work and would love to see what you folks are working with. I need art from basic/detailed labels to tshirts for a few different projects I am workin on. I have a pretty good idea of the direction I want to go with each...
  20. Kendo

    High school football, My 15 yr old is a beast.

    My youngest son is a beast on the football field. I am so proud of him in so many ways. He is so much different from how I was as kid. He really has his shit together unlike me at that age. His teachers/principal/coaches everybody loves him. He does well in school and has a plan for college and...
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