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  1. Milson

    November Harvests: What are your plans for your buds? Let's get hyped!

    Hi y'all! Milson here. I told a guy named @B.S.G that i would do a November harvest thread, and i remembered! So if y'all got a harvest coming this month (or you just had one), let's post our pics here and talk about our plans for the incoming harvest!! I'm talking whole crops, little...
  2. Milson

    Captain's Log: Dispatches from Planet Milson

    Personal Stuff Greetings! It's Milson again. I think it's probably time for a perpetual thread because I am growing perpetually (until my death) and at this rate things are going to be blending together in a way that makes threads going grow by grow kind of incoherent since grows will be...
  3. Milson

    Cheese (Seedsman), Chemdog (Nirvana), Kali China (Ace), Sweet Zombie (Expert), Zamaldelica x Kali China (Ace)

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Milson and I am growing the following five strains: Cheese (Seedsman), Chemdog (Nirvana), Kali China (Ace), Sweet Zombie (Expert), and Zamaldelica x Kali China (Ace). This is my second grow. I am growing in three stages: my seedlings have started their lives in...
  4. Milson

    Strains by season

    Gday farmers! We are in dead of summer up in northern hemisphere, but I am pondering my fall grow. I am very conscious that my fall grow will be my winter pot, and winter where I live is cold and dark. I am blessed with variety to choose from bc of free seeds and some mildly compulsive behavior...
  5. Milson

    Likelihood of bag seed to herm

    So I found four seeds in a huge (like 2+ inches long) nug of Skunk Hero from a local dispensary. They are brown, spotted, and look viable. My question is, essentially, how likely is it these seeds would herm? Obviously I could just run them and find out but I have a plant maximum I am staying...
  6. Milson

    Newbie Grower

    Not much to me. I am a newbie grower doing my first grow in an apartment bedroom in a 2'x2'x4' grow tent. So a bit of a microgrow I guess. Hoping to get "proof of concept" for the wife to get her onboard with a more standard 3x3x6 or so. Looking forward to learning and sharing!
  7. Milson

    First Time Grow. SOG-style Sampler using Pot for Pot

    So I have decided to take the plunge and start up a little grow of my own. Laws changed recently making it much less risky, so I figured what the heck. Unfortunately, my wife is only tentatively onboard, and so this first grow will be pretty modest. I am growing in an apartment bedroom using a...
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