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  1. Grimmstone

    Led Lights And Unfinished Buds?

    My guess would be not enough light. 200 Watts is not a lot. What size space are u trying to cover?
  2. Grimmstone

    Welcome To Our New Moderators

    Congrats Rootbound, Jack Og, and heisenbubble. Some good choices for moderators there.
  3. Grimmstone

    Hps + Cmh

    Also heard that the nanolux 315 cmh was discontinued which makes me wonder if they are having issues with their cmh ballasts.
  4. Grimmstone

    Hps + Cmh

    It the nanolux cmh ballasts I’m talking about. I have read that people are having issues with Philips and other bulbs burning out in first couple of weeks.
  5. Grimmstone

    Hps + Cmh

    Hey heisenbubble. Do u have any other nanolux cmh? I’ was planing on buying one of their 315’s and a 630 but heard they were having issues with bulbs burning out. Just wondering how u like them?
  6. Grimmstone

    Ever Seen This?

    That is exactly what I thought. Lmao. I have never run into anything like that, it’s really neat looking. Would love to see it finished.
  7. Grimmstone

    Phantom 315

    No worries lol. All the pics look great.
  8. Grimmstone

    Cloning In Rockwool Help Please!!

    I agree used a mat without thermostat and fried my clones. Now I just make sure they are in a warm room.
  9. Grimmstone

    Phantom 315

    Looking really nice in that room Rhino.
  10. Grimmstone

    Chem 91 Sk Va Male X As Many Strains As Posable

    Swerve used a reversed male to get these seeds. Did u find many hermies yet? Although I hear they show up later in the f2’s and f3’s.
  11. Grimmstone

    Stretched Seedlings Help!

    I’ve had to do this a few times when I used to grow in hydro and sprouted in Rockwool cubes. The straw works well. But any of these ideas will work fine. Good luck and have fun.
  12. Grimmstone

    Chem 91 Sk Va Male X As Many Strains As Posable

    That’s what I thought too. Clone only.
  13. Grimmstone

    My 8x4 Garden

    Nice looking garden Louisjr.
  14. Grimmstone

    The Straight Scoop On Hermi Seeds

    I agree. Think it’s a calyx he’s looking at. Not saying my eyes are perfect but I don’t see any signs of it being hermie. At least not in that pic.
  15. Grimmstone

    Alai Green

    Nice. Running a couple of querkle freebies right now. Interested on seeing how the rest of them turn out.
  16. Grimmstone

    Phantom 315

    Looking good RHINObeast.
  17. Grimmstone

    What Made You "face Palm" Today?

    I was just to tired to reply to this one. Lol
  18. Grimmstone

    1st Order Arrived!

    Good luck. Looks like a nice strain. I hope your going to post a grow journal.
  19. Grimmstone

    Day 53 Flower, How Long Should I Wait To Harvest?

    What strain is this? What is it’s finishing time? The pics aren’t great but it looks like your almost finished and therefore u should have been flushing already. I usually stop feeding two weeks before finish and just water with plain ph correct water. Then 1 week till finish I give a good slow...
  20. Grimmstone

    Burnt Tips & Bong Rips

    Wow 70 days isn’t too bad. Hope you get some nice bud.
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