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  1. madgrower

    315w Adapters For 250w-1000w Ballasts>

    I’m using a 400 watt magnetic for a cmh. Working great
  2. madgrower

    My Noob Grow Pics: Is It Too Late To Top Them More?

    Silver mylar don’t do as good as white. Just saying because when you flip to flower it don’t reflect light as good. Nice job btw
  3. madgrower

    Anybody Transplanted Mid-flower?

    I did once plant hermied
  4. madgrower

    High From Ontario

    North or south
  5. madgrower

    Can I Keep Lights At Maximum Power Until Harvest?

    I can’t turn mine up or down but I’ve heard a few times that less light around harvest is better but I know it won’t hurt to have them at full power
  6. madgrower

    Water Storage.

    Ya any place that process food is going to have them I get mine from a dairy
  7. madgrower

    High Hopes In A Tiny Tent. Gimme A Hand To Win

    Give them to a friend or keep them in a well lighted room
  8. madgrower

    Harvesting Time

    Looks nice
  9. madgrower

    Greetings From Hell

    Welcome to the farm
  10. madgrower

    Hello! I Am New, To The Site And Growing. I Have A Few Questions !

    I think he means 68 c
  11. madgrower

    You Can Only Have 4 Plants...

    Nice reply by the way
  12. madgrower

    You Can Only Have 4 Plants...

    You were waiting for someone to ask this wernt you
  13. madgrower

    Need Help First Grow

    10 gallon fabric is better.
  14. madgrower

    First Autoflower. Ready For Harvest?

    Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. Autos are not a good first grow
  15. madgrower

    Need Help First Grow

    How big is your grow area
  16. madgrower

    Need Help First Grow

    Where do ya draw your air from in the tent
  17. madgrower

    Purple Stems Look Like I Need To Increase Cal-mag A Bit Perhaps?

    I was mistaking ph issues for cal mag problems
  18. madgrower

    Need Help First Grow

    Maybe mist them with water also a few times a day
  19. madgrower

    Literally, Oozing With Resin!

    Holy crap
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