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    MMJ Friendly Landlords Please Read This..Very Important!

    My family of myself ,wife and 4 kids are looking for a rental property out in the country with no or very few neighbors where we can grow for our patients.We need at a 3-5 bedroom home for the family plus a grow area ,whether it be a basement ,garages,outbuilding,converted rooms,greenhouse...
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    WHich lighting setup would be best fir this scenario?

    Which lighting setup would be best for this scenario? Ok I'm going to be growing only 12 plants in flower ,most likely on a 4 x 8 table.Would it be best to put 3 600 watt or 2 1000 watt for best yield? Thanks
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    Legit Coloroda Growers Please Read This.

    Ok,I am planning on moving to Coloroda in the next few months.I am currently trying to decide which area in Col. would be best.I want to live in a more temperate area where winter is not a brutal exercise in survival.Was thinking of somewhere outside of littleton or colorado springs.I would like...
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    Welcome to the farm genepool.
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    New to THC Farmer

    Welcome bro.
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    Morning All

    Welcome Syc.
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    Hey there. A little introduction and how MMJ saved me from hell

    Welcome to the farm.My wife and I both have similar stories about the miracle plant helping us improve our lives healthwise and get off all the prescription meds they love to shove down our throats.I hope all your growing endeavors prosper.
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    Please help! All my clones in my bubbler getting white slime.

    I am about at my ropes end with this damn bubbler project. I made the bubbler with instruction on this and other sites.I have the stems submerged since I dont believe the bubble wands Im using make enough splash to even get the stem s wet.I have put an anti algae medicine safe for plants and...
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    Which way should I hang my light in this situation?

    Ok, thanks so much.I'll be interested to see the difference in my next grow.
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    Which way should I hang my light in this situation?

    Ok which way should I hang the light in my 5' by 32 inch room? Hmm it's hard for me to figure how to word Let's say the A and B are the 5' walls and C and D are the 32 in sides. Should I hang it so it is hanging centered and longways along the A and B or longways along C and D?I'm...
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    Good Medical Strains for back and spine

    Yes, general depression and some anxiety at times.Though those have mostly been helped by this wonder plant.
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    Which soil mix would be best for Red Dragon grow?

    Yes,that's it.
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    Best 400 Watt MH +HPS bulbs

    Thanks hub ..I'll have to try some new bulbs for my Red Dragon coming up.
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    Your best ideas for this grow situation

    Ahhh that would definitely be the way I will go.Just have a crappy batwing type reflector now.Any suggestions on a good fan cooled hood for Sunsystem 10 (ballast) though it may not matter your brand of ballast.Sorry if I sound stupid ...still pretty new to this and just want to do it...
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    Which soil mix would be best for Red Dragon grow?

    Which soilless mix would be best for my next grow? Ok ,my last and first grow I used this.Unfortunately I didnt use enough perlite and had over watering/drainage issues the whole grow.So my question is would this mix work well if I make sure I have enough perlite and add the appropriate amount...
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    Best 400 Watt MH +HPS bulbs

    Thanks guys,I think I may try the EyeHort..keep hearing good things about them.
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    Your best ideas for this grow situation

    Thanks Rural..definitely helps.My ceiling is about 7' high.At the moment I don't have vent fans in or out.I have a small fan aimed right under the light between it and the canopy and have the closet door half open with another fan blowing in.I have had some temp issues on warmer days so I'm...
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    Best 400 Watt MH +HPS bulbs

    Wondering people's opinion on the best brands of 400w mh and hps bulbs as far as spectrum,yields ,etc.Thanks
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    Your best ideas for this grow situation

    Ok, wanted to get some opinions on what you would do in this situation...5'x3' grow closet,400 watt MH/HPS switchable ,5 Red Dragon seeds(fem),5 reg.Thai skunk,1 Super skunk(fem).I want to start the RDs and pick a good mother but want to see what you guys would try out with this setup. What are...
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    Good Medical Strains for back and spine

    Wanting to find out everyone's suggestion for really good med strains that will help back and spinal pain.My wife has degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis.Any recommendations?
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