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  1. BillFarthing

    Actual ingredients in winter frost?

    Oh, I hadn't seen that yet. Have you done the math on how much it ends up being per gallon? I'm paying about $0.08/gallon including IPM.
  2. BillFarthing

    Actual ingredients in winter frost?

    ABA, perhaps? You are still paying the hydro store "green tax" and to ship water with Athena. I just use Jacks/MB/Cal Nit, fulvic acid and insecticidal soap for IPM. Cheap and works well.
  3. BillFarthing

    Actual ingredients in winter frost?

    The SDS will give you clues as to what is in it. Unfortunately, New Millennium is misleading what is in their products, which make them snake oil salesmen. It looks like a PK booster, but I assume there is something in there that induces senescence like an input that causes oxidative stress or...
  4. BillFarthing

    DIY Recharge at each feeding?

    You've got some issues if you are going to use this as a liquid concentrate. Kelp is typically kept at a high pH to stay suspended and soluble. Fulvic acid as a concentrate is typically kept at a low pH to stay suspended and soluble. Humic acid is long chain organic matter and fulvic is short...
  5. BillFarthing

    Nutrients and Fertilizers expiration date

    If it's a salt based fertilizer, there is no expiration date. The only exception is if you introduce some kind of contamination to micronutrients. If it has organic fertilizer inputs, it's good until you see it change color, smell or consistency.
  6. BillFarthing

    The Magic Bullet

    It's just calcium chloride and boron with a couple drops of surfactant. If you have Hydrobuddy, you can make your own for pennies.
  7. BillFarthing

    (RAW Grow all in one) what’s your take?

    You got ripped off at the hydro store. I'd rather get Jack's and Cal Nit for pennies on the gallon for a better NPK start to finish.
  8. BillFarthing

    Canna boost what other options

    I use the commercial wholesale version, AGT-50. Mr. Fulvic is the same formula, but intended for home and garden. Yes it is 0.5-1ml/gallon. Most fulvic additives like Ful-Power contain just water. They make it as concentrated as possible to save on shipping for consumers.
  9. BillFarthing

    Canna boost what other options

    Canna Boost is just vinasse from molasses. It has sugar, complexing agents (not chelating) trace minerals and aminos. It tends to make everything taste the same like AN Bud Candy. I would use a fulvic acid additive like Mr. Fulvic that is fulvic acid (chelating agent), amino and organic acids...
  10. BillFarthing

    Post your favorite mid to late flower P-K booster

    That NPK looks homeopathic.
  11. BillFarthing


    Some folks use it week 1-7 of flower. When I used that product, it was from week 4-6 of flower.
  12. BillFarthing


    It should be magnesium nitrate. Calcium and sulfate can't go together or it makes a precipitate in the bottle.
  13. BillFarthing

    What is your favorite nutes, other than foxfarm

    Jack's and Masterblend is all you need for a base. Maybe a fulvic and kelp. The rest is just snake oil.
  14. BillFarthing

    pekacid 0-60-20 to drip clean

    It's very soluble. Add 500 ml DI/RO water to a clean vessel. Add 400g Pekacid. Top RO/DI h2O up to 1L. Shake until dissolved.
  15. BillFarthing

    Jack's 321!Need help!Need a current guide All jack's posts are few years old let's start a new one from people tried and true methods help me learn pl

    It's whatever the plants want. If they are hungry, because of full sun/CO2/fresh bulbs, give it to them. If they want 1000 ppm, that's perfectly ok.
  16. BillFarthing

    jacks ro 12-4-16 formula

    I've blown through the 1.2 max EC with CO2 and fresh bulbs. Give the plants what they need! Also, there is sufficient magnesium. I wouldn't add epsom unless you are under LED or they are showing magnesium deficiency after raising your base nutrient. It's a 1-part for a reason.
  17. BillFarthing

    jacks ro 12-4-16 formula

    No, it won't. Cannabis growers overuse phosphorus. If you look at tissue samples, there is sufficient P in Jack's RO. Must be a new biostimulant we haven't heard about. This is true. There' ya go.
  18. BillFarthing

    Gold Leaf Test Run; Bloom boosters you swear by?

    Raise your base nutrient dosage.
  19. BillFarthing

    Nevil's Passing and the start of Operation Green Merchant

    One-Part 4-3-5 Liquid Fertilizer Add 500 ml RO/DI water to a jar Fully dissolve: Ammonium Monobasic Phosphate 35 g Potassium Sulfate 68 g Chelated Micros 3 g Then fully dissolve: Calcium Nitrate 109 g Magnesium Nitrate 107 g Top up to 1L and use just like Cogos Original
  20. BillFarthing

    Nevil's Passing and the start of Operation Green Merchant

    And yet, Ray Cogo is still sitting over in Lansing, MI selling his old Dutch fertilizer recipe.
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