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  1. Lennon16

    The Return: POTM Nominations - August 2020

    Post: Grower: @Scolymia7 Strain: Purple Punch
  2. Lennon16

    Straight Coco vs promix mixture

    Hey there, I used to hand feed in promix and sunshine mix#4 with salts. I now run a mix of Coco & Clay Pebbles (60/40 mix) in DTW. Multiple lighter & smaller feeds (lower PPM) a day in Coco mix is key to yields (4-6 times a day, depending on size of pot and plants). Depending on strain, I can...
  3. Lennon16

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Strain: Star Cake Lineage: LayerCake (Swamp boy) X Starbud (Hortilab)
  4. Lennon16

    February 2019 Photo Of The Month Contest

    Bruce Banner #3
  5. Lennon16

    G13/Dairy Queen cross by xXKid TwistXx in a HYDRO RUN

    Nice grow buddy!! now you just want to make me post a few pictures of our last grow of JACK THE RIPPER!!! Nice looking buds buddy!!!!
  6. Lennon16

    Purple Kush under LED. 2nd grow

    sorry dude but thoe dont look anyway close to 300 grams dry. in 3 gallon pots in soil??? Purple kush??? I dont know man, ive grown that strain for looongg time. medium yeilding plant!! But i'd say that i'm most impressed by the l.e.d's looks pretty heavy for an LED grow, nice chunky long...
  7. Lennon16

    Outdoor Iranian Auto Flower

    here in canada if we want an early harvest we usually begin growing in the beginning or mid may depending then harvest in late to mid october. "and thats long for us, no sativa's here dude" iranian autoflower would be harvested mid july to first week of augest!
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