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    Greenpoint Seeds - Drop - Late 2014

    Wow, I'm shaking my head. This is crazy. Were the seeds of ONYCD and stardawg created by Top Dawg sold with restrictions on then? I highly doubt it. When I bought my NYCHP and NYCHP13 that came with the freebies purple stardawg of the farm back in around 2010, no such restrictions came inside my...
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    UberDawg and Motorbreath

    I look at this thread a lot. Great grow sky high. Still growing any of your selections?
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    Greenpoint Seeds - Drop - Late 2014

    Chemdawg, diesel, sour diesel, gsc, gg4 and alot of og cuts have either been found in accidental or forced hermie seeds. If these people who found these cuts from popping the seeds were scared of doing so some of the special plants would have never of been found in the first place. Also alot of...
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    Sour Diesel

    Plenty of pictures of sour diesel out there, but I want to see pics by Gu to compare is all. No biggie if he can't, I've already ordered the sour diesel x stardawg cross.
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    Gbs Frog Farts

    Wow, what a beautiful plant! What's the make up of this one?
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    Sour Diesel

    Got any pics of this one?
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    UVA and A+ Wonder Freebies from Denver Cannabis Cup

    UVA....purple indica x afghani IBL A+ Wonder....williams wonder x afghani IBL. Have not seen any reports on these.
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    New year, new thread... 2013 flower shots

    How did the uberdawg turn out for you?
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    Rare Dankness 2013

    this is the info the came in the description when i acquired them.... indica dominate creation, with absolutely beautiful purple flowers. has a nice relaxing high. 55-70 days flower time A+ Wonder....old school williams wonder rejoined with some afghani genetics that share similar...
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    Rare Dankness 2013

    i wish as i have both in the vault!
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    Rare Dankness 2013

    I can help with the lineage... UVA= purple indica x afghan ibl A+ Wonder= williams wonder x afghan ibl
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    Life of a Valley Dawg

    looking forward to your run....
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    Growin & Smokin in Florida

    What's up guys, got to keep it low profile here in god's country.
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    NUG SHOTS...Triangle kush, the white, wifi, pphunk, true og.

    the triangle and the kush(tk) look good to me.
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    Random Alien Cross pics

    dank, danke!!!!
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    cannaventures MSS X hindu kush ?

    mss is massachussetts super skunk from 1986 i believe.
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    The Pollen Chuckers Club! Homemade Crosses only...

    fire diesel haze ix orange bully x fire diesel haze da orange sheikh x fire diesel haze doodler kush x fire diesel haze (white master kush x alienkush f2) x fire diesel haze yarkourm x (white master kush x alienkush f2) mazar i shariff x yarkourm wifi x sssdh honeywhite bx2 x sssdh (kksc...
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    What Are The Odds?

    worth the time
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    quick ? if you dont mind. i think i remember you doing a grow in the topdog test grower sub...

    quick ? if you dont mind. i think i remember you doing a grow in the topdog test grower sub forum on nychp13. it seems to have been removed and cant remember what you thoughts on it were. any info you could give me would be great. thanks
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    Elite: twisted purple og kush

    thanks for the info, but couldnt find the pics you are referring to.:D
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