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    best time to put outside

    yep spring crop is the bomb in LA :rasta: Hey Now! :character0103: I have a crop out now and have had very good luck in prior years... I dropped some Purple Wreck outside Jan 1st ... done and drying and another Afghan trio to finish right around 4/20 ...(Yield suffers somewhat but...
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    Whats up from east los.

    Hey Now ! Welcome to the farm Mondo.... New High school goin' up right down the street from ol' King taco bros...Looks to be a big one! I work on the hill overlookin' the hood... Keep On Growin' :weed:
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    Cheapest current online source for lumatek 600w 120v ballasts?

    :cool0041: Hey Now! :icon_cookie: Just got one from HTG on ebay ... $153.00 US $19.95 shipping ...
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    Dutch passion fem seeds turn hermie

    :rasta: Hey Now! :icon_cookie: I just had to jump in here as I am still cleaning a few seeds from the last hash run. :fubar Dutch passion shaman hermied on me last season .... pollinated everything a lil some alot .... appeared to be brought on by heat stress in mid-flower ...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hey Now! Nice to see ya again Pete... just dropped in myself here...
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