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  1. jessie

    Drying Curing

    Thank you
  2. jessie

    Some Yellowing In My Leaves

    Suggestion Nitrogen deficiency can't really see pic
  3. jessie

    Drying Curing

    Hey there so i already dryed my cannabis buds now I have a question I put my buds in a jar with a rh meter and it reads 85% what should I do should I open jar and leave it open or should I take buds out thank you in advance
  4. jessie

    So, you're new here, eh? Here's some stuff you may find handy...

    Thank you really help full tips
  5. jessie


  6. jessie

    The Cheese Factory

    Really nice buds wooowsersss:cool:
  7. jessie

    New New New

    Hey there farmers how is it going in mew ti this so let see how this goes lol
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