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    Getting more females from seed

    I see people saying they get a high percentage of males from seed.So i figured i'd tell how i get a pretty good ratio of f/m.Out of a 10 pack i almost always get 8f 2m provided they all sprout.Remember this is just the way that i have built up confidence to keep using this method.It might...
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    Best hybrid ever

    When i think about all the strains out there i have to stop in amazement probably 1000 or so.But is or has there ever been a more heralded strain then the og kush?I know the nevs is highly respected and regarded as 1 of the best,but i dont know alot of other people that grow it.And you dont...
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    sawblade fan leaf

    What is the cause of the extreme sawblade leaf?I\ Is it more of a trait towards the area it was origionally from (landrace).Or just a pheno introduced into a broader population of other plants? Ihave seen some plants with a couple extra small sawblade leaves on them but usually only a couple...
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    seeds gone wild true breeders

    I was looking at some seed sites the other day and noticed how many seed companies there are.I would have to say at least 70.And i just wonder how many of them sell good stuff? How many of them sell the same exact seeds/seed lines but call it somethin different?And not to mention the prices of...
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    drowning in nutes

    with all the nute co out there how do u really know which is the best compared to just day i was sitting there and noticed just how much nutrients and enhancers i had and started to wonder how much of this stuff really raises the bar to the next level.and does it really pay off in...
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    what specific traits if any should i look for to find the better heri,leaf, stem ,size or smell.cuz ive read there r a couple lookin for the 1 that resembles the original as close as possible with the devestating couchlock effect.this is my 1st run with ur gear and im super stoked got...
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