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    Trouble with Hydro

    Thank you all very much, I suspected the same, I was told to do the opposite last night and crank the nutes up, I have drained/leeched the system twice today, and added new water/nutes at 625 PPM 5.5 PH, hopefully it is not too late but I think I may have just learned my first Hydro lesson hehe...
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    Trouble with Hydro

    I have recently changed from soil to Hydro, I am a somewhat experienced grower and have done the best research to ID this problem as I can with no success, I continue to lose babies. The PPMS are right in the 1100 range on the EX tester, PH is in the 6.0 range. It is a 12 pack Waterfarms...
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    Automatic AK47 Hydroponic grow

    There are lots of case studies and documentation out there on this topic, anything over 20 hours tends to show "diminishing" yields.
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    bud eating green caterpillars

    A few pics of Caterpillar damage after my 5 day trip.
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    Week 5 flowering trouble?

    Thanks Ismoke!
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    West coast is getting rained on, are you harvesting early?

    Containers and a outside tent for the win, I am actually starting a new build project today, gonna build a wood shed for them, 6x8x8, hope to have it done in the next few days before my trip.
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    Leaves rusting!!!:(

    I had this issue earlier this season, I tried the epson salts, it did not help, I wound up getting CalMag.
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    Experience with Water Crystals

    Okay, wish me luck, I put them in today for a test before the weekend trip next week, made holes 6" deep, put 1 tsp in each hole, 4 holes! Pots are much heavier!
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    Experience with Water Crystals

    Ya, I saw it on the label, that is why I got this product, I hope they are OK but I do have a back up plan with a house sitter, just don't want her to have to move them if not necessary.
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    Top 2" of cola is drying/dying rapidly, rest of plant is fine *pics

    7th week of flowering, about ready to harvest? At any rate, it needs to come off before it effects the rest of the plant.
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    Week 5 flowering trouble?

    Thank you Cloud!
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    Experience with Water Crystals

    There is a way on the label to do it after they are in pots, you make holes in the soil and spread the measured amount into 3 - 4 holes, then top the holes back with soil.
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    Experience with Water Crystals

    Thanks Elvis, that is the product I got.
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    Experience with Water Crystals

    I am leaving for a few days (4) next week, I have a house sitter, but don't want to have her move plants in and out of the tent for watering every other day, I normally have to water every other day in their containers. Water Crystals were recommended, I was able to find SoilMoist. I am in...
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    Help!!!!!!!!!!! Leaves brownin, yellowing!!!

    It looks like you have room to mix that in you top soil and water it in.
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    Yellow edges, light colored tips

    Looks like some Cal Mag. type of product (i have also read Epson Salts do the same thing) may help ya out here. I saw this early on growing in FF as well.
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    Week 5 flowering trouble?

    So here I am at week 5 of flowering. 1st few pictures are the coloring I am worried about. Next few show where they are in flowering. WW, P. Kush. Looks like N Def from what I see in the Growers Bible, thoughts? Water is going in around 6.8, comes out around 5.5 - 6.0 in the run...
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    Variety is the spice of life

    Very nice Tol, if it is form the trees nearby, I would relocate the garden next year, unfortunately as late into flowering as you are, there really is not allot that can be done from what I have seen.
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    Post Harvest the Goudaberry

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    1000 watt lights.. Which reflector?

    They say bigger is better, but I use a 6" with a glass enclosed hood.
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