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  1. whodair

    Spakeville !!

    Spakeville !!
  2. whodair

    Welcome To The Homeland

    Same sex couple? Do they like threesomes? I was unaware of this homie, details! Peace
  3. whodair

    Gmornin from NY. Your friend, Cravenmore

    Gmornin from NY. Your friend, Cravenmore
  4. whodair

    Hope you are eating, drinking and resting well, Puerto Rican princess!

    Hope you are eating, drinking and resting well, Puerto Rican princess!
  5. whodair

    Aka Cravenmore

    In-deed floppypropper holmes!
  6. whodair

    Aka Cravenmore

    And FistedSister! Wuts good homies? Stay sour
  7. whodair

    Sannies Jack Herer

    Nice holmes
  8. whodair

    sick of icmag so

    Wow you're fuckin huge... You juicin homie?
  9. whodair

    bushy jack herer

    dagobaker lookin very dank homie !! all my pics are iphone4 not a bad camera ... check ic vert forum for jack herer 600, thats wuts up !!
  10. whodair

    sannies jack + vert 600w = 22+ oz first time grower

    i did a thread on IC, jack herer verti 600w. the grow was done by a young lady, her 1st grow ever. bare bulb yielded her over 22oz of electric lemon haze !! very uplifting high !!
  11. whodair

    sannieshop ship to the USA

    new york no problemo
  12. whodair

    RKS at Bizzbay

    yep, halfway thru flower w reserv priv rks. i cant give an accurate smell report cuz its neighbors are very stinky. those will be out of the way soon, and the rks can have the run of the place for the remainder.
  13. whodair

    Dutch passion fem seeds turn hermie

    i bought dp oasis reg, but was shipped fem accidentally. it hermed a load. the retailer jim at dope-seeds sent me a free g13xhaze. im so glad the dp freaked, the g13 is a keeper in the end. rez chemdd pushes male nanners through the buds at the very end of flower, and theyre not femmed...
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